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Six Truths and a Lie


*Updated! Number 2 is the lie – I was an early developer and the first girl in my class to wear a bra. I think whether it comes early or late, puberty is not much fun.*

The lovely Robin of Brussels tagged me for this, and I was glad of the chance to insert one big stonking lie into these utterly fascinating random itemettes about moi. I’m getting pretty damn tired of me; don’t know about you patient Internetters out there. The whole of December I propose to post about rubies, coal mining, lilac-breasted rollers and the rules of bridge, so as to avoid mining my own self to its utter dredges anymore.

I’m not putting in the rules, because surely we all know them by now, but you know, seven things, seven people, one lie, tag, tag, tag, etcetera.

Guess the lie!

1. At school, I played Bottom in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

2. I was the last girl in my class to start wearing a bra.

3. When my teenage boyfriend wanted to teach me how to ride his motorcycle, I said, “Only if you teach me how to smoke as well.” I rode the motorcycle once, but I carried on smoking for seven years.

4. If I lived alone, I would eat apples, popcorn and chocolate. That’s a balanced diet, isn’t?

5. I would far rather visit China than Japan.

6. I have six siblings – one brother, four step-brothers and a step-sister. The last time I saw my step-sister was at my father’s wedding, 12 years ago. I believe she is very nice.

7. My inner rock chick is Gwen Stefani.

‘Nuff about me.

I ain’t taggin’ no-body.

But please feel free to lie boldly if you so please.

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11 thoughts on “Six Truths and a Lie

  1. I cannot tell a lie – I don’t know which one is the lie, but I am awaiting with great anticipation your post on the lilac-breasted roller.

  2. What is a lilac-breasted roller? I’m intrigued.

    I think the lie is #2 but I won’t say why!

    Ooh #4 would definitely be true for me. Why don’t blokes understand that popcorn represents a perfectly good meal?

  3. The lie is number 2! I am desperate to know why Helen thinks so because there was no Helen in our class and she can’t be from Southern Africa if she doesn’t know what a lilac-breasted roller is or maybe she just never went to the bush.

    I wondered where the apples and popcorn came from for the Berlin trip!

  4. hmmm … i’m not sure if #2 or #5 is the lie.
    and my inner rock chick is ani difranco.

  5. I’m guessing number 2, for no very good reason. Looking forward to the lilac breasted roller post – it sounds like I ought to know what it is and I don’t!

  6. I’m guessing the lie is you would only eat popcorn, apples and chocolate – you’ve waxed poetically too many times about all the lovely food you cook. You will let us know which one is the lie, yes?

  7. Number three? And my inner rock chick is Amy Lee. That’s feels a bit weird.

  8. I’m guessing #2 as well — and I swear I thought it was the lie before I read those other comments guessing #2. I’m eagerly awaiting hearing if I’m right …

  9. Oh, please do post about the rules of bridge. I played it a number of times a long while ago. I had enough of a grasp of the rules to play, but not enough to understand why the hell I was playing it (I did enjoy it on the whole, despite the unearthly tension).

  10. I think no. 5 is a lie. I don’t know why, but intuition tells me that it is so.

  11. I am also guessing No. 2 – just a guess, for no particular reason. I seriously hope you are going to ‘fess up!!

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