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Welcome to the Tea-Party


My grandmother was a milliner, and I have inherited her love of hats. I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you.

The Mad Fluffy Hat, or The One Liam Gallagher Most Wants to Borrow

The Doek, or The One That Cost Far Too Much But Was Too Adorable To Leave in the Shop

The Sparkly Beanie, aka Last Year’s Favourite

The Navy Stalker’s Hat, or The One on Which The Jury is Still Out

The Tea Cosy, or This Year’s Favourite

My love of hats means that my children have to leave the house wearing silly head-gear. Since I don’t post photos of them, here I bravely model their hats:

Hey, this one fits! Watch out, Mummy may be borrowing your hat.

Starting to feel a little coy in ill-fitting hat …

Mummy, I’ve been a good boy. Promise.

Which one is your favourite?

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25 thoughts on “Welcome to the Tea-Party

  1. Milliner! My vocab has just grown by one.

    The doek gets my vote for the way it falls lazily off to one side. Jaunty.

    But for your kids I pick the twin pom-pom one.

  2. It has to be the sparkly beanie!

    Love your blog!

  3. The hats are fab, my neighbours son and Jamiroquai would be peagreen if they could see you. Hope you are feeling better now. Can’t pick a favourite, you are lucky you have a face which suits hats.

  4. PS – sorry for the inconvenience, but my URL has changed. it’s now

    Thanks Charlotte

  5. I like the doek best. It makes me think of Paris.

    I love hats but most of them don’t suit me. I’ve never been to a milliner, but one day I’ll get fitted properly.

    For the kids, I like the last one and the pom-pom one.

  6. I like the sparkling beannie best, although the Mad Fluffy Hat reminds me of my favorite hat, which I call my subway hat. Easy to take off without too much static causing hair to stick out in every direction, small enough to fit in coat pocket, easy to put back on once above ground without too much fuss. Plus, I got it in NYC.
    That style is one of the few that will stay on my head and not blow off. I don’t get how people keep hats on their heads without tying or pining them down. I must have an oddly shapped head.

  7. And you can actually pull them all off. Somehow all hats make me look like the navy stalker. It is an act of magic.

  8. the hats are so wonderful!

  9. I love hats! And I love the word milliner too. I’ve been sporting a new hat this week — I love winter!

  10. Those are very nice hats! I love whipping up a crocheted tea cozy hat or beret. I think I have 4 or 5 winter caps clamoring for me to wear them right now!

    I crocheted wool gnomie hats for the kids this year…they love them. They are so easy to make, I think I’ll never buy a winter hat for them again.

  11. I forgot to say: I like the sparkly beanie best. I notice your kids’ hats have the proper winter ear protection. Probably something they require in the Burg, right?

  12. I like the ill-fitting one best. You look very nice in your hats!

    P.S. My flight was cancelled so I got to spend the night in Frankfurt’s Airport Sheraton. I had the best split pea soup!

  13. The sparkly one and the one that cost too much. Nothing like a little sparkle or a little guilt to turn me on to something.

  14. I love hats. I especially love the one that cost too much. I wonder how hard it would be to knit…

  15. Sparkly beanie and Liam Gallagher’s hat 🙂

  16. The sparkly one!

  17. sparkly beanie. sparkly beanie. sparklie beanie.

  18. I like the twin pom pom one for the kids. For the adult one, I have to go with Navy Stalker. Mostly because it is just like the hat I habitually wear. Very practical. Very warm.

  19. Sparkly beanie is my favourite too! Love the photos!

  20. They’re all so lovely! If I had these, I’d definitely be wearing one or the other at all times. Even if I had to swipe some from the kids 😉

  21. They’re all great!

    I don’t feel brave enough to model all mine to the blogosphere. I went through a phase of never going out without a hat, my favourite ever being a brown suede Fred Bare hat. The weirder ones are now in the kids’ dressing up box. Nowadays I go for functional and keeping off the sun – just found a great khaki hat the same shape as your fluffy one in Woolies that doesn’t blow off in the wind – success!

    My son has to have his hat prised from his head at meals and bedtime so attached is he to it – currently a camouflage one with cowboy-style side turn-ups!

  22. Oh you are priceless. I never wear hats because they mess up my hair. Really. When you have a fringe that’s just looking for an excuse to cling clammily to your forehead, you start to think abotu these things. I love the “doek” and the sparkly beanie!

  23. me likes sparkly beanie and twin pom-poms best.. thanks for the fashion show..

  24. ALL! You should wear them all at once, just once. And my goodness how fetching you look in each and every one of them.

  25. Just wanted to tell you all know how much I appreciate your postings guys.
    Found you though google!

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