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I Stand Corrected


My mother tells a story of how, when visiting the local Botanical Gardens, she pointed out some budgies to her small daughter. I apparently told her witheringly, “Those are not budgies. They’re love-birds.”

I got the same treatment from Ollie this morning. We were poised at the top of the stairs, about to head down for breakfast. I said to him, “There’s your tractor, darling. Do you want to bring it down with you?”

He grabbed the tractor, turned to me and said, “It’s not a tractor, Mummy, it’s a digger. It is for digging erf.”

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5 thoughts on “I Stand Corrected

  1. That sounds familiar. Except my son would be oh-so-specific: that’s a front-end loader with a backhoe attachment, Mama!

    I remember many years of rolling my eyes at my Dad and thinking and/or saying “Duh!”

  2. Marvellous! Not quite the same (since my examples are purely based on pronunciation), but for me a helicopter was apparently known as a “claycotter”. A screwdriver was a “screw-sigh-see.”

  3. That is so cute! They do know better, don’t they? Kiko informed me today that I am a crane! I didn’t like to contradict him…

  4. What age is it they start to do that? And it is so cute (though potentially embarrassing).

  5. Love this…… wait until he’s 18!!!

    I have tagged you over on my blog.

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