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NaBlo Blues


Okay, it’s Day Twenty-One and I’ve had it. I’m not stopping, but I’ve had it with the daily posting. Just thought you should know.

Here are some “exciting” things from my life that I wouldn’t normally share with you, but am damn well going to just because I have to.

1. The neighbours have put up the giant Father Christmas outside their house that they put up every year, so I guess it’s Christmas.

2. I am knitting a scarf for my husband.

3. I went to the “Tiger and Dragon Food Store” in Heidelberg today where I bought tumeric, masala, minced coriander, curry paste, Chinese egg noodles and two tins of sweetened condensed milk that will no doubt be essential in my Christmas baking come December.

4. I went to sleep with an incipient migraine last night but was relieved when it was no longer there this morning.

5. I am editing some men’s writing as an honorarium for an AIDS organization in my home town, Pietermaritzburg, and am finding it very moving.

And that’s it, folks. Five random and not overly interesting facts from my day.

Let’s hope I’ll have something to say tomorrow.


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17 thoughts on “NaBlo Blues

  1. Sorry to tell you this Charlotte, but IT’S ALL INTERESTING!

    Don’t worry about it. You have set up a high standard for yourself with your wonderful writing. Sometimes it can just be silly stuff, too.

  2. Keep it up. Like you said: Day 21. I’m impressed!

  3. I am coveting your sweetened condensed milk. I had to find a German pumpkin pie recipe for tomorrow that uses Sahne and Zucker instead. Just not the same.

  4. Charlotte, if you are at a low, it’s time for dire measures… are you wiling to take some requests? If so, could you please write up some stories, recipes, or interesting information about the produce you bought at “Tiger and Dragon Food Store”.

  5. Keep it up – not too long to go now – and we all like to know the trivia as well as the deep and thoughtful stuff. (heaving a sigh of relief that I opted out this year!)

  6. Tiger and Dragon Food Store sounds like someplace you would go to pick up a wildebeest for the pet tiger and dragon that are living in your backyard.

    I think everyone is losing inspiration around this time of the month… keep up the good work, though, you’re one of the best blogs I’ve found!

  7. Only 10 days left to go! I’ve seen other bloggers ask their readers to ask them questions in order to get some ideas — maybe it’s something to try?

    Personally, I’d love to hear about how you deal with the language stuff — how long have you known German, are you perfectly fluent, do you run into language trouble, etc. But don’t feel that you have to answer any of this … 🙂

  8. Please hang on. It’s become difficult for me too when I ran out of future posts ten days ago. Now it’s real-time posting or bust.

  9. Congrats. I didn’t even make the first 10 days.

  10. What a blogging marathon! Here’s a quick shoulder rub for you. There you go. You can do it! Keep it up, champ.

  11. Heh heh, I wish I could see the massive Santa! They’ve got him up nice and early, haven’t they? I’m guessing he probably looks more scary than festive.

    I bought garlic powder and paprika the other day. I’ve never used garlic powder before, in fact I never knew it existed, but we got caught short without garlic for five whole days so I was wondering if it might be a substitute for garlic-less emergencies, a bit like powdered milk. I’ve got minced coriander in the freezer, that comes in handy.

  12. “Tiger and Dragon Food Store” sounds like a wonderful place to go food shopping.

    I’m over NaBlo, too. Was it this hard last year? But please keep going — I always enjoy reading what you have to say, whether it be trivial or thought provoking.

  13. Keep on with it, Charlotte, there are less than 10 days to go! The last stretch of the marathon is always the most painful but think how you’ll be happy on Dec. 1! I hope you can tell us what you did with all the ingredients bought at Tiger and Dragon: green curry, sauteed Cantonese noodles?

  14. Wow, it’s beginning to sound like a sports event. The crowd is cheering you on! So am I. You’ve put a lot of work into your month already and hat’s off to you. I know I’d have hit the wall a lot sooner.

  15. Ugh, me too. Of the entire year, this November was the most difficult month to have done this, due to other obligations.

    I’m not quitting either, but I sure am lacking in inspiration!

  16. God, I’m with you on this! It’s turning into a complete nightmare…

  17. I hear you, girlfriend 😉 It was all a laugh for the first ten days but now every night I sit in front of the computer after 8 hours in the office and 90 mins commuting (45 each way) and cookign supper thinking “what on earth was I thinking?”. Last night the last thing I said to my husband before falling asleep was “Do you know how excited I am that there are only 5 days of NaBloPoMo left?” He just rolled his eyes…

    Keep it up!! We can cross the finish line together like a blogging Thelma & Louise 😉

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