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I was driving back from the airport, having dropped my mother off, thinking I shouldn’t focus on how sad I am but on how grateful I am that we get on so well. Then, I saw Ms Healing Magic Hands’ comment on my last post, in which she reminded me the same – be grateful for what I have and that it is good.

I am grateful that:

I have a mother
She loves me and I love her
She is healthy and well
She is my biggest fan
Our relationship is based on love, support, trust and sharing each other’s clothes
She is willing to drop everything at home to come and be with us
She is not scared of our laundry monster
She shares my love of breakfast
She thinks being in Europe is the most exciting thing that could ever happen to her
She mended two necklaces of mine and sewed new buttons on two jackets
She adores my children equally and favours none
She is happy with eggs or toast for supper
She participates in our daily life and does not yearn for something more exciting
She loves going to the supermarket
She loves to declutter
She will paint pictures with my daughters all afternoon long
She will get on the floor and play cars with my son
She is kind, compassionate and gentle

Long live the Queen, long live!

(We’ll forgive you for breaking our tumble-dryer.)


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12 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. Ah, and she brought you shiny slippers, saving you from despair!

    Moms are the best, and I celebrate mine, too. Treat yourself to some cuddling for the next few days. And here’s a hug to get you started …


  2. What a lovely picture of your relationship and your family life!

  3. Your mother sounds absolutely wonderful. I hope to be that kind of a hands-on, roll-up-her-sleeves- and-pitch-in grandmother some day.

  4. I love reading tributes to mothers. I lost mine seven years ago and think about her everyday. She was loving, giving, funny, compassionate, talented, pretty, and wise. When I get sad, I remind myself that in a way she still lives because she lives in her children and grandchildren…and now her great grandchildren. I love catching glimpses of her in these folks who share her DNA. Enjoy your mother!

  5. Years ago, I saw a woman wearing a t-shirt with the slogan, “If I’d known how much fun it is to be a grandmother, I’d have done it first.” Maybe you should consider sending your children’s grandmother such a t-shirt.

  6. Definitely things to be grateful for. I always look forward to my parents visiting, but with their upcoming visit, I will keep this things in mind WHILE they are here! Thanks.

    (My mom always breaks something when she visits. It’s become a joke between us.)

  7. You’re making me miss my mom! Thankfully, I get to see her tomorrow.

  8. All hail the Queen! She’s obviously a keeper. : )

  9. Your mum sounds amazing.

    I’m going to remember to focus on happy things the next time I say goodbye to my family.

  10. I think supermum’s mother would have been like that.

  11. No wonder you call her the Queen. She has all the best aspects of royalty and apparently none of the negative ones. I do love my mother, very much. And she loves me. She just isn’t very good at expressing it in every day sorts of ways. Then she does something like I described in my post about the Mother Rock (Tales from the labyrinth) and I suddenly realize just how much she really does care.

    This is one of the things I love about blogging. It gives us all an opportunity to taste the wonderful love feasts that other people experience.

    Thank you so much for sharing with us Charlotte!

  12. Your mom sounds so fab – clearly it’s in the genes 🙂

    If I could talk to my mom from beyond the grave I woudl thank her for letting me go to England. Not because she realyl had any say in the matter (I was a big girl of 30, and married to boot!), but because she was already in renal failure and on dialysis and had every reason to expect she would die while I was living abroad, but instead of making me feel guilty and asking me to stay, she sent me off on my adventure with a hug and all the best wishes I could have wanted, even though inside her heart was breaking. She wanted me to live my life and take advantage of all the opportunities it offered, rather than be held bakc by a disease that I could not hope to stop or even slow.

    That’s real love.

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