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Guilty Pleasures


Fantasy Escape, followed by Guilty Pleasures? It’s a hedonism fest this weekend in the Web of Charlotte. Meme courtesy of Amy.

Six guilty pleasures no-one would suspect you of having?

1. I have diamond addiction. So sparkly, so pretty. Must have more.

2. Playing bridge while drinking gin.

3. Knee-high boots. I have three four pairs and there’s room in my cupboard for more.

4. Peanut butter eaten straight from the jar in large tablespoonfuls.

5. Very cheap necklaces. Best worn with #1.

6. Love, Actually. Over and over again. Crying loudly and snottily in the part where Colin Firth proposes in bad Portuguese. Crying in the airport scenes. Crying during the carol singer/thwarted love declaration scene. Crying when Emma Thompson cries.

Six guilty pleasures you wish you had the courage to indulge?

1. A small secret tattoo.

2. A nose piercing. Make mine a diamond.

3. Absinthe.

4. I wish I’d tried coke. Just once to know what all the fuss is about. (Mother, avert thy eyes.)

5. I still haven’t been to a sex shop. Would some kind friend please oblige and induct me? I’m too scared to go on my own.

6. My very own chocolate fountain.

Six pleasures you once considered guilty but have now made peace with:

1. Eating raw cake mixture and cookie dough. Yum yum, scoff scoff.

2. My Sunday morning lie-in. Richly deserved.

3. Reading in the bath. Sorry, books.

4. Being alone. A rare treat that I LOOOOOOOOOVE.

5. Spending too much time on the Intrawebs.

6. Mocking the Germans. Because really I love them. Most of them, that is.

I tag the lot of you and recommend that you move fast. This is such a good meme to do on a Sunday.


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24 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures

  1. OMG, I love “Love Actually” too–actually every Hugh Grant movie (I know, I know). I was tagged to do this meme by tiv a few weeks ago, and I am sorely behind!

  2. Ooh, I am totally doing this meme.

    Also, me too on the peanut butter!

  3. Ooh, me too on the boots, me too on the peanut butter, me too on the gin (although I don’t know how to play bridge – can you teach me?) – and when you find that intrepid soul who takes you to the sex shop, please bring me along, I’ve never been to one, either. Also, I’ve never tried coke but I think it would be v .v. bad for my hypochondriac-inclined personality.

  4. Ah, kindred souls. I’m working on aquiring my third pair of knee high boots. (It’s what I love about living in a cold state. That and not having to shave my legs as often!) Drinking anything, while doing anything. Not peanut butter, but condensed milk by the spoonfuls. (you either love it or are totally grossed out right now)

    Time alone and chocolate fountains!!! I’m so calling you when I go to France!

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  6. Oh I am SO with you on the “Love Actually” thing… and the tattoo – I am seriously considering the tattoo as my personal 40th birthday present!

  7. Me too on Love Actually, chocolate fountains and Sunday lie-ins (and Saturdays too at the moment)!

    I did wander into an Ann Summers in Soho once but it was rather dull, so I wandered out again … too much plastic and rubber!

  8. You must try absinthe, Charlotte. It is so much fun ritually pouring it through a sugar cube and feeling like a decadent French Bohemian. I really would like a proper absinthe spoon but have found my olive spoon for scooping olives out of a jar works extremely well. One small glass, after dinner, with lots of water does no harm and its quite a refreshing drink. Wearing a beret while you drink it makes it even better!

  9. Lovely meme. Lovely list. And I’m with you on diamonds, or would be if I had some. I’ve got some sparkly Sri Lancan sapphires though. 🙂

    The first sex shop I went to was one for women only, called Shhh. It’s in London and a girlfriend and I went up on the train, specially. It was very welcoming, and they made us a lovely cup of tea! I bought a fridge magnet that says “Worship me like the Goddess I am”. 😀


  10. So many of these are also my pleasures, I feel guilty just reading this.

  11. Enjoyed reading this – go on, get yourself a tattoo!

    *speaks in tone of hackneyed advice columnist* That’s what I did, and I haven’t looked back 🙂

  12. Get a tattoo! I did, and I don’t regret it one bit. I have a dragon wrapped around my ankle and I wanted a tattoo for 21 years. I wonder why I waited so long? Tattoos are the jewelry you can not lose.

  13. OK, I am now officially the only person in the world who didn’t understand Love, Actually. I’m going to have to watch it again.

    Ooh, chocolate fountains! I totally agree about being alone too… so rare and so lovely, much as I love the two fellas in my life.

    I’m doing this one too!

  14. Oooh, this is a cool one.

    I tagged you for a meme over at my place if you’re interested. It’s not quite as much fun as this one, though.

  15. Oh my goodness, I can barely get past the opening credits of Love, Actually without crying – what does that movie do to us? Knee-high boots are a necessity, in my opinion! And you should have that tattoo.

  16. Me too on raw cake batter, spending time alone, gin and spending too much time on the interwebs. Also, can I come with you and Courtney when that friend volunteers to induct you???

  17. This meme looks like so much fun! I swore out of memes, but maybe, as a guilty pleasure, I should try it (but the limit is 6 pleasures every time, oh!)

  18. Ditto on the Love Actually. It’s a joke in my family now because the year it came out I saw it two times in the cinema and then rented it on dvd one night at my parents’ house around Christmas and made them watch it too. I’d been drinking bourbon (as we do) and was feeling a little emotional. As I put the disc in I kept telling them “I warn you, it’s sad. I mean, really sad. It is soooo sad, you will cry. You will definitely cry.” I then burst into tears during the opening scene, blubbed all the way through the first half and finally passed out. They never let me live that down.

  19. Ahhh, Love, Actually, including the deleted scenes! One of the few movies I own. It replaced When Harry Met Sally as my fav movie…evidently I’ve become even more romantic as the years go by.

    I’ve always thought about getting a tattoo, but then how does one choose?

  20. You have a wonderful list of guilty pleasures … amazing how many of them I share. I have always wanted a tattoo too, but just can’t get up the courage. Sex stores are fun to visit once you decide to brazen right on in.

  21. Haven’t even seen Love, Actually… I weep at the end of 9 1/2 Weeks – go figure! Have you seen Crush? It’s the only Andie McDowell film where she does not annoy me. I’d never heard of it and one night it was on TV. MAN, did I cry?!? Chick flick extraordinaire.

    I might well have to do this meme!

  22. MAKING your own absinthe is quite awesome as well.

    Must do that again…

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  24. I can’t do this meme because I don’t feel guilt about pleasures. Which probably only means that my pleasures are too mundane to feel guilt over, and therefore too mundane for anyone to read in my blog. Yours were fascinating, though. I’d take you to a sex shop if I lived there, even though I am no sex shop expert myself.

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