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My Fantasy Escape


My fantasy escape is a writing retreat in the African bush. I sleep in a large double bed with white linen and a mosquito net, and have a view of a waterhole where elephants come to drink, bathe and cavort with their babies. There are monkeys in the trees and warthogs snuffling in the shrubbery.

Silent staff bring me meals – exactly what I require, when I require it, without my ever having to ask – and are available take me on game drives should I wish it.

My family are permitted to make short visits. When they leave they do not cry, but cover me with kisses and wave cheerfully. I feel no guilt when they leave.

There is also yoga, but after the class all the other participants must melt away, unless I like them, in which case they may stay for dinner and be highly entertaining.

I swim in a pool that is the perfect temperature, and take outside showers.

There is a library of books and fat, comfortable sofas in which to read.

There is a verandah, with views, for contemplation.

The temperature never rises about 28° Celsius, and never drops below 18.

I write, and dream, and wake, and sleep, all to the rhythm of the bushveld. I watch sunsets and stars, sunrises and morning mists, but sleep through the heat of the day.

I live in the moment, meditate to the sound of beetles and birds, and write and write and write.

Can I go there now?

Thanks to YogaMum for the inspiration.

Author: charlotteotter

Novelist, feminist, crime writer

8 thoughts on “My Fantasy Escape

  1. Sounds lovely.

  2. I like the sound of silent staff bringing meals…. I’ll come and do yoga with you then melt away to a parallel establishment nearby – if I’m permitted to share your fantasy for a moment or two before the children’s bedtime fizzles it into the ether.

  3. I’m packing my suitcase and leaving right now!!!

    That sounds wonderful!

  4. Sometimes I feel like I have to feel guilty for having family-free fantasies.

    I love how yours would be allowed short guilt- and crying-free visits. I also love the silent, psychic meal delivery.

  5. It was such a lovely moment to contemplate my retreat. Thanks.

  6. Wow, this sounds good. But the family leaving without making the mother feel guilty – now that IS a fantasy!

  7. Mmmm, I like this fantasy idea. Mine would be similar but definitely on the beach, not in the bushveld. In fact, I would have to say Robberg Beach. Rhythm of the day would be very similar – rising early & taking full advantage of the day. There would be daily long walks on the beach followed by yoga on a shaded deck overlooking the ocean. I would do the cooking as I love it, but somebody else would have to go and do the shopping for hard-to-find ingredients – and the cleaning! Everything in the house would be white, with about a billion threadcount Egyptian percale cotton sheets and more fluffy white bath sheets and robes than you could shake a stick at, and I would walk everywhere barefoot on the smooth wooden floors. . The bath would have a view, the rain would fall between midnight and sunrise and there would be a huge library of books.

    Dreamy dreams.

  8. Wow, you don’t mess around when you design a fantasy retreat!

    Sign me right up – I promise to melt away at all the appropriate times!

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