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Do I Need the Gym?


This is the workout that my daily life provides:

1) Wrestling a toddler into a snowsuit in the morning. Wrestling him into it when I fetch him from kindergarten. Wrestling him out of it at home. Wrestling him back into it when it’s time to take a sister to ballet. Wrestling him out of it when we get home again. Wrestling him into it when it’s time to fetch the other sister from her playdate. Wrestling him out of it at home. (By this time I’m ready to slash the snowsuit. But I don’t.) Good for overall fitness.

2) Scraping ice off the Familiewagon with a credit card while the family shiver inside. Good for biceps.

3) Carrying the groceries the 200-odd metres from where we park the car to the kitchen. Excellent weight-bearing exercise.

4) Running up and down two flights of stairs all day long. Tones legs; cardiovascular.

5) Walking to and from kindergarten, walking to and from extramural activities. Overall fitness.

6) Pram-pushing. Tones arms.

7) Carrying loads of laundry up two flights of stairs. Tones arms; cardiovascular.

(8) Bending to sweep food crumbs into dust-pan. Tones backs of legs.

(9) Carrying toddler. Weight-bearing exercise.

(10) Surfing blogs. Finger agility. Overall toning of funny bone.

Do I really need the gym?


Author: charlotteotter

Novelist, feminist, crime writer

14 thoughts on “Do I Need the Gym?

  1. In a word, no 🙂

    But if going to the gym helped you to wind down in a different setting, then maybe?

  2. A very witty post. I enjoyed reading it. So true of life. Busy mothers get all the exercise they need from their beautiful kids.

  3. If only I could find I way to workout my abs while chasing kids, I’d be set!

  4. That’s the point about gyms, really. They provide artificial exercise for people leading artificial lives. Unfortunately I’m one who’s leading an artificial life – I get a fraction of the exercise you do.

    Go Charlotte!


  5. My oldest son and I go to the gym. We put his brothers in day care, while we go to the cafe, order a drink, while he does homework, and I write.

    So, our workouts are pretty much in-sync. However, I do put in at least 40 minutes of yoga each day –at home. I have to, herniated disc. I feel pain without the yoga.

    So, no, I really don’t think you need the gym!! You’re doing it all! The laundry, up two flights — that’s really good!!

  6. Nah, you don’t need it!!

    I like Susie’s version of going to the gym!

  7. Is there is a gym in your neighbourhood that has four different saunas, an ultrared light relaxation room, a chic bar with hot and cold running waiters? If so, do join. If the gym has modern gym equipment, don’t bother.

  8. 11) Laughing fits at children’s silliness: ab workout.

  9. Yes. Because you get some time to yourself.

  10. When I went to the gym, I went to this great class where you just ran round like a maniac. How I miss that class now! I do plenty of running around like a maniac but none of it is remotely fun or relaxing. Kiko was 15kg when the doctor weighed him 6 weeks ago. I’ve a feeling he’s even heavier now. Lugging him about everywhere is fine when he’s still but he’s constantly struggling and he’s strong enough to overpower me. At two! I can definitely relate to the wrestling part of your list.

  11. I vote no. Because if you do, I do too. And I just don’t wanna!

  12. I’d say: no, no need for a gym. (And just wait till those kids want you to roller blade/bike/ice skate with them. You’ll start to look like Twiggy.)

  13. I second Noble Savage.

    The great thing about babies is that they naturally increase the weight you are lifting without you even having to thing about it. I am going to have some killer biceps by the time I am bench pressing toddlers.

  14. I’d say no to evil gym! And I challenge a gym to find a machine that will exercise yuor funny bone 🙂

    I’m the one who needs it as I spend all day behind this stupid monitor and I have no kids to run after – only a husband and what he mainly likes to do is lie on the sofa, so no running there! Can sympathise with the lugging of laundry up the stairs though…

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