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I have a huge post on AIDS brewing. Most of it is already written on paper, so I could post it now but I still need to check my primary and secondary sources. I’d do it now, I really would, but it’s been a busy day (up at 6am to bake a cake for hubby to take to work, then to work myself, interviewing people for articles till 3pm, grocery shopping, mopping the brows of the sick and then celebrating a Laternefest).

Anyway, Litlove told me to take a rest and so I’m going to.

See you in the morning.

Night night.

Sleep tight.

I’m going now …

Author: charlotteotter

Novelist, feminist, crime writer

4 thoughts on “Placeholder Post

  1. I certainly did! Just trying to take care of her, and you can see why.

  2. We’ll be ready to read the post when you put it up!

  3. Wow, you really are posting once a day this month. Hat’s off.
    Appreciate your journalistic integrity. Fact-checking seems by too many to be so old school in this age of truthiness.

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