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Me Got Skillz


I can actually spell my very own, rather long name. I’ve always liked my name’s literary connection, however, I’m not here today to talk about Brontes or pigs. I’ve been tagged by Bine for a meme. Bine says the rules are:

List one fact, word or tidbit that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your first or middle name. You can theme it to your blog or make it general. Then tag one person for each letter of your name.

C: Cake. I am very fond of cake. Making it, eating it, dreaming about making it, reading about it, dreaming about reading about it. Right now, I’m planning my next one – a rosemary loaf cake for my husband’s birthday tomorrow. Cake is good stuff.

H: Heidelberg. Not where I live, but almost. A happy place where I have favourite views, favourite shops, favourite restaurants and favourite bookshops. A place where I like to eat cake in restaurants while reading a book and looking at a view.

A: Angels. I believe in them. See “E”.

R: Reading. My favourite pastime, a little higher on the list than cake. If I had to choose between the two, reading would win, but only just.

L: Love. I’ve got a lot of love in my life, and that makes me very lucky.

O: Otters. I loved them and then I became one. I remember reading Ring of Bright Water and sobbing my heart out. There’s an otter sanctuary in Alsace where I often take visitors, except the regulars have taken to begging me, “Anywhere but the otter park, please.” Becoming an Otter meant that my initials are now CEO, which is a very satisfactory state of affairs. I am the Chief Executive of cake.

T: Thomas. It’s his fault I’m an Otter, and that there is a brood of little Otters. Happy birthday for tomorrow darling. Hope you like your cake.

T: Oh, look, another T. Toni. My darling mother, otherwise known as the Queen. She’s not scared of a good cake.

E: Elise. My maternal grandmother, who was a wise soul and teacher. I take my second name from her. How lucky I am to have had her guidance when I was young so that I don’t have to crash around looking for the answers now. She equipped me with many of the life skills and beliefs I have today. And she loved cake too.

Now, I’ve got nine bloggers to tag. I’m going to focus on the ones doing NaBloPoMo so that they gain an extra day’s content. That would be:








Noble Savage


Ms Magic Hands




Whoops, that’s thirteen. I said I could spell; I didn’t say I could count. Feel free to spell your own name, if you want to …

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23 thoughts on “Me Got Skillz

  1. You live right by Heidelberg?? Oh if only I’d known this in August! We spent a night there on our epic driving holiday & we could have met up for a drink! Ah well, next time 🙂

  2. I do, and as punishment for not visiting me I tag you right this minute!

  3. Hmmm…I’ll do this one too, I think. I’m running out of saved post ideas for NaBloPoMo already!

  4. I love that rosemary cake, if it’s the Nigella one fact I love all cakes too and, if I did my nice short name, I’d have to spell it Kake, so that I could get it in my list!

  5. Oh, Charlotte! You tagged me. Did you count the letters in my name? Mein Gott in himmel, or words to that effect. This meme will take me a couple of days to do, especially since I have to post part 2 of my latest tale tomorrow or I am afraid people might get perturbed with me.

    I loved Ring of Bright Water as well, what a wonderful story.

  6. Ah heck. I did it already. Do I get extra NaBloPoMO credit for posting twice in one day???

  7. Henitserk, I left you out!! Muchos apologias (to quote Colin Firth). That’s why I hate tagging and must not do it. Will do better next time.

    Kit, it is the Nigella rosemary cake and I think I first made it after you posted about it. We love, love, love it chez Charlotte’s Web. Even my husband who is not a cake person at all.

    Oh dear, Ms Magic Hands, twice in one day … what are we going to do with you? You need to ration yourself for those dire days when you have nothing to say, or perhaps that doesn’t happen to you.

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  9. I fell off the NaBloPoMo …things going on here that need urgent attention…but am climbing back on again…thanks for the meme.

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  11. Thanks for the tag! I’ve done it! What a lovely name Elise is.

  12. What a fun meme! I’ll have to think about it (I’m stuck on “D” — what word should I pick for D?) and post soon. Thanks for the tag!

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  16. Aha! Just noticed this – that’s today’s NaBloPoMo problem solved. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Germany but have never visited Heidelberg.

    Cake. With you on the cake. And the reading.

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