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I’m Doing This …



Are you?


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9 thoughts on “I’m Doing This …

  1. Oh gosh, yes, I’m doing this but I won’t make the whole month 😦 I have to be out of town on the 29th and 30th with no computer access…so I will be NoBloPoMo for somo (meaning…28 days!!!)

  2. I’m hoping that the internet explodes, soon-ish. It’s the only way I’m going to escape the commitment I’ve made (because I don’t like to give up before something has even begun).

    Good luck Charlotte — I’m looking forward to reading you all month.

  3. Do you have a theme lined up? I haven’t posted in nearly three weeks (been on holiday) but then again I do have a few drafts.

    I have a hard time posting if I know it’s for the sake of posting and nothing else.

  4. I am, I am! (although you already know that). I feel like I out to be hammering away at the keyboard stockpiling memes and pictures to get me through but I’m not, I’m reading other peoples’ blogs…. WHAT AM I THINKING?!

  5. I’m in! Thanks again for inviting me to do it. Can’t wait!

  6. Hi! I just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog earlier. I love what I’ve read of yours so far…I’m sure to become a constant visitor.

    Good luck in NaBloPoMo too!

  7. I am, I am. Thanks for stopping by today. Good luck with Nablopomo!

  8. I ducked out this year – so much else on the go and I didn’t want to put the last straw on my back. I’m looking forward to reading everyone else every day …I’m sure I’ll find time for that!

  9. You bet. Just posted the first item at

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