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Do you know which game is sold in 121 countries in 29 different language versions? Which game has sold one hundred million sets worldwide, and is found in one out of every three American homes? It’s Scrabble. Otherwise known as that bloody game.

I’ve been playing a game of online Scrabble with my brother-in-law in South Africa, thanks to Scrabulous. He’s the acknowledged family champion, king of those irritating little words that score many extra points. At one point I mailed him to say it was getting embarrassing how he was thrashing me, and couldn’t we just stop, and he mailed back to say he’d play left-handed. He’s funny like that.

The final score of the inaugural Oxford (he) – Cambridge (me) match was 611 to 239. I am utterly humiliated. Appropriately enough, his last word was “ta”.

I have only one thing to say, “Tidy up your clonisms, you raddled taupe snotting. In future matches, I will ape your squares, dive-boil your hajis, make mana of your flinty eloge and become a maxi biter who will aye your wiz till it boils.”

See, he might be the Scrabble champ, but I’m still the wordsmith of the family.


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16 thoughts on “Humph

  1. 611!?!?? My God! That’s inhuman! I bet he uses a dictionary during games…

  2. Weeelll, I have to admit that there’s a dictionary button right there on Scrabulous where you can validate a word. That’s how he got “snotting”, the cheeky monkey.

  3. Lordy you lost me there with words I have never heard of …but it was very funny anyway 🙂

    I like Scrabble too but am not much good at it.

  4. Scrabble, such an innocent sounding game, but I have seen the nicest, most at-peace people turn into vicious piranhas during the “friendliest” of games. They rope me in sometimes during the holidays and I endure the thrashing as stoically as possible. Great scrabble-speak paragraph!

  5. Well, if I had to choose, I’d choose to be the family wordsmith rather than the family scrabble champion!

  6. Serendipity Charlotte! One of my dear friends is in in hospital in Joburg for four weeks, undergoing chemo, and I’ve been trying to think of something to keep her from going crazy with boredom – Scrabulous is perfect, thanks SO much for posting that link

  7. Charlotte, challenge me to a Scrabulous game, and you’ll probably win. Ask Kerryn!

  8. I’m scared.

  9. My husband has an ongoing series of games of Scrabulous with my brother in Australia, who is master of the seven letter word as well as the irritating two letter ones – he’s trying to get me to join the Scrabulous gang too – just one more thing to keep me tied to the screen!

  10. Charlotte, I can always rely on you to make me laugh. I am finally getting my act together to add you to my blogroll instead of just visiting and keeping you to myself. Time to share the laughter. And you are indeed a wordsmith.

  11. Arrgh, my husband does this to me. He almost always beats me at Scrabble, even though I have a wider and more varied vocabulary. I’m just not as good at the spatial aspect of Scrabble — seeing not only the words but the spaces in which they’ll fit. When I have a great word but can’t use it, I become obsessed with getting it onto the board at the expense of actually earning points. Call me a purist.

  12. Ooh, I love Scrabble but I’m absolutely hopeless at it. I’m not very good at anagramy type things. I have a bit of a mental block. Challenge me to a game too, go on! Go on! I promise I will not score 611, more like 61….

  13. Scrabble is my favorite thing ever. Well, after books. I can’t say what a joy it is that my husband and I are so very evenly matched in that game. You never know who’ll win!

  14. I love Scrabble. It is probably my favorite game, and I am pretty good at it. My personal best in scores was 476, so I am in awe of 611. I don’t know about Scrabulous, don’t want to know, wish I hadn’t heard about it. all I need is another excuse to be on line!

  15. There I was just about to email you to blog the world and get some help and you’ve already done it. No mercy in the next game. I’m playing with both hands and all the two letter words my grandma and grandad taught me whilst your husband busy was watching ‘match of the day’…

  16. Oh, that sounds like my husband! I am always trying to make long, pretty words, while he is eyeing the triple word score square with a 3-letter word composed entirely of consonants. Or something. No way on the planet am I introducing him to Scrabulous!

    (I still beat him at cryptic crosswords though…!)

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