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An Author on Writing


Marie Phillips, whose delightful book Gods Behaving Badly I have just briefly put down to read Darkmans (but which I will be taking up again in 97 pages) has posted her writing tips.

They are good. And funny. And the second I have finished writing about Corporate Social Investment and Access Control and The Best Way Ever to Out-Source Your HR Business, I am going to settle down in a quiet corner, strap myself to my computer, and follow them.

For those of you who are further down the line with your novels than me, this may be of interest:

HarperCollins UK is launching a community website intended to find and nurture new authors online.

Authonomy, at, will initially be rolled out by HCUK in early 2008, with the intention of it becoming a global programme in the future. The site will connect unpublished authors with readers, and will allow anyone to participate. Readers will be able to support their favourite manuscripts, with HC guaranteeing to consider the most popular for publication. HC anticipates that many of the readers will be industry professionals looking for new talent.

Victoria Barnsley, c.e.o. and publisher of HarperCollins UK, said: “Very often we hear from budding new authors who tell us their script was loved by their family, book group or wide circle of friends. Authonomy is an opportunity for these authors to woo a large audience, get an army of support behind them, and really test whether their work has got what it takes to make it.”

I think it sounds brilliant.

Is it something for you, Hobgoblin, with that lovely finished manuscript of yours?


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3 thoughts on “An Author on Writing

  1. This looks so interesting – I’m going to have to make my way over there and see what it’s all about.
    FYI, I’m right there with you with the deadline madness…I think my eye is beginning to twitch…

  2. Boy, publishing companies certainly are changing with the times, aren’t they?

  3. Just found your site from Letters Home to You’s and I love reading about other writers’ escapades in Germany. If you’re not interested in waiting for Harper Collins’ site, though, you might check out zoetrope’s online community. It’s hit or miss but you can read what others are doing (some very very good but many more truly awful writers in the community, sorry to say) and get feedback on your own work. If you like…

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