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Who Are You Calling A Princess?


Daisy’s sixth birthday is three months away, but she is in the stages of advanced planning. We are talking about the party, the guest list, the cake (chocolate with Smarties) and the presents. Following an intensive workshop with her sister, she presented me with this list of potential gifts:

A Sleeping Beauty crown

A butterfly dressing-up dress

A Barbie Cinderella

A dress of Aneka

A new bike and a new helmet

(At this point, Lily’s hand got sore, so she handed over to a grown-up, K, who could write quicker)

A hairband with shells on

A necklace – purple and pink

Some more pretend wings – not broken

A dress with pictures of shells on

A clip with a rose

A crown with a star twinkling on top

A Swan Lake crown

Some Princess and the Pauper shoes

A Barbie Swan Lake dress

A sparkly dress with the moon and the stars on it

A Disney ball

A bracelet

A watch

A new crayon

A Sleeping Beauty book

A Snow White DVD

A Snow White dress

This is a girl who knows what she wants. Most likely, she’ll be getting a new bike and a new helmet. The budget might also stretch to a new crayon.

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14 thoughts on “Who Are You Calling A Princess?

  1. I love it! I am just so incredibly greatful that MY princess cannot read yet! This list of YOUR princess, would send mine into the shakes! Pure pink fluffy bliss! Tell D she has forgotten one big thing… all serious princess girls need a BIG beautiful sparkly ring!

  2. I’d have chosen the bike too. Maybe with glitter paint, because it looks more princess-y (and more conspicuous in traffic).

  3. Hmmmm, I notice a theme developing there! I wasn’t into princess stuff as a kid but I was just remembering yesterday how my mum had a dressing-up box of her old clothes and jewellery and how I LOVED dressing up with it. There was all this mental 60s and 70s stuff including a huge knuckleduster ring made of a cluster of fake pearls, and a sparkly cloak. I wish I knew where that ring was now! I’m sensing Daisy might approve!

  4. Oh yes, the dress-up stuff is so fun! And sparkles, what did children do without sparkles back in the day? My 3-yo daughter was painting a picture today and said that she was done with the colors, but she wanted the bottom of the paper to be “all sparkly”. My kids love their pretend fairy wings too (mit sparkles, natch).

    Why only one crayon?

  5. oh, your sweet little Daisy! I can picture her making her sister write down the princess wish list… I love that!

  6. That’s just so sweet! I think youth is distinguished from middle age by knowing exactly what it wants, and being able to locate it in plastic with sparkles on in one form or another. Mind you, I’ve often felt that no matter what was wrong with my life, a tiara might make me feel temporarily better.

  7. I think that list would go down well with youngest, whose birthday is next week, one good reason for not showing it to her. She is getting a doll’s house, if I can nag my husband to make it in time, but perhaps I’d better paint it pink with sparkles.

  8. Beautiful. And great that you have preserved this list here for your future enjoyment.

  9. Aw, that’s so sweet. I remember wanting nothing more than pink-covered fluffiness too…but there is nothing like a new bike, NOTHING. Well. Except maybe for ice skates…

  10. wow, that is one well thought out list! I hope she likes the bicycle!

  11. That is quite a list! I have no idea who Aneka is…

  12. wow, what an impressive list! she surely knows what she wants!
    like helen i loved to dress up in my mom’s seventies dresses and necklaces – i remember a flowing dark brown dress with psychedelic purple and orange swirling patterns i totally felt like a princess in. i think there is even a picture somewhere of me in that dress with a gold foil tiara and a couple of chunky gold necklaces.

  13. Thanks for the list! Shells seem to be an enduring theme too.. 🙂

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