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Is what I will NOT be doing for the next six days because I’m off to Berlin and Dresden with my friend, K. We’ve got an apartment, a show and a bike tour booked in Berlin, and a hotel booked in Dresden, and the rest is up to chance. You can’t plan too much. My main goal is not to cook anything for six days, not to fold anyone’s clothes apart from my own, not to worry about anyone’s sleep or nappies or vegetable intake, or having to find a babysitter so that I can go out for dinner and stay up ridiculously late and be as silly as I need to be. I also plan not to touch a computer.

When I get back I would like to do some housekeeping here at Charlotte’s Web. If there’s anyone out there who links to me or has me on their blogroll, and I don’t link back, please let me know. Leave a note in the comments.

With that I wish you a big Tschuess. Berlin, watch out, the Pietermaritzburg girls are coming!

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15 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. Oh, good for you – have the BEST time!

  2. Have a terrific weekend!

  3. Have a great time! Not worrying about vegetable intake — that would be my dream vacation right now.

  4. Enjoy Berlin! Steer clear of the Ku’Damm if you care for your bank account.

    (my new address is

  5. er, make that: Have a terrific time (not weekend because six days is not a weekend) in Berlin & Dresden. Sounds like it will be marvellous.

  6. Enjoy yourself, Charlotte! It sounds like a great time. I might have to arrange something similar around here–Chicago sounds like a good and reasonable destination.

  7. Six days of no Charlotte? How will we survive?

    Have fun!

  8. Vegetables? What’s that? …that’s how you need to think for the next week. Have an absolute blast!

  9. Have a totally wonderful girly time! Sorry to have missed your call and yes the day in question was monday 🙂 Will catch up when you get back! I am JEALOUS…

  10. Hope you are having loads of fun.

  11. This was cool to read mostly.


  12. I really need to visit Berlin again! First stop when dudelet and incoming are old enough to pack off to St. Favourite Aunt for a proper weekend. Hope you’re currently having a great time! And I should do some housekeeping myself…

  13. Oh man, do I wish I were you right now. Only, it’s packing and unpacking, not housekeeping I wouldn’t be doing (the housekeeping just plain isn’t getting done for, oh, a month or so…). Hope you had a blast!

  14. Charlotte, that’s just the most well mannered blog housekeeping I’ve heard of yet! I love the idea of making sure you get your links straight. (And I hope your trip to Berlin was really fabulous.) xo

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