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Procrastination 201


So here, after special request from Bine and Trousers, is a rather blurry photo of one of our six resident Uhus:

Now that the sun has come out, they have woken up and are doing a spot of leisurely preening.

Today, apart from owl-watching, I also perfected the fine art of procrastination by doing this:

You will be happy to know that both the making and the eating thereof was very satisfactory. Then I went and played on Facebook for a while, adding some photographs to my albums there.

Hmmm, baking, bird-watching and Facebook. I am so bloody middle-aged.


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13 thoughts on “Procrastination 201

  1. That owl is just fabulous!

    As are the cupcakes… I like your procrastination methods.

  2. It may be blurry, but it’s brilliant! Thanks for that. It beats my photo of a spider telling me in no uncertain terms what to do…

  3. Oh – I forgot to mention what I was going to say in the first place and it’s very beautiful too. Round these parts the only Uhu we get is a brand of school glue.

  4. Thanks Yogamum. I’m actually quite in love with both my owls and the cupcakes – though the latter are now extinct.

    I’m so pleased you like the Uhu, Trousers. We get Uhu glue here too, but this kind is a lot more special.

  5. That is one serious looking owl. And those cupcakes are huge. Or maybe that’s the angle of the camera.

  6. oh, he’s so beautiful! just wait till they have babies.

    you seem to have perfected the art of procrastination as much as i have. those cupcakes look delicious. i think i want some now …

  7. Oh, I’ve joined facebook just recently. Now I have to figure out how to find “friends”…

  8. Such beautiful sprinkles, Wow! Don’t tell my kids about them – hundreds and thousands aren’t nearly so glamorous.

  9. You’re so fortunate to have such beautiful birds right at your doorstep.

  10. Cupcakes are middle aged? Bugger.

  11. Wow, he’s a big beautiful owl. We have Tawny frogmouths in our garden and love them too. They sleep during the day and we always announce when we spot them.

  12. I have to laugh at your procrastination. It reminds me of finals week at college. Our apartment was always the CLEANEST during final week. Ah, something about deadlines that makes my cleaning mode kick in. :o)

  13. I keep telling myself that it’s okay to be middle-aged. As long as people like you are my middle-aged cohort, I figure I’m fine.

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