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Just Call Me Elizabeth


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Thanks Dewey for the pointer.

Well, I consider this a compliment, even though I think choosing “hot tea” over “bourbon whiskey” as my drink of the moment was the clue to being written by Jane Austen and not Hunter S. Thompson.

I received some kindly flak from my dear friend Lia for only thinking up five compliments in the 10 Best Compliments meme. I am so much better at being self-deprecating than self-promoting, but I think the clue (having read Courtney’s compliment meme this morning) is to see compliments as an indication that we are well-rounded people, more than just our jobs, our families and our appearances.

So here are five more compliments:

5. We have a lot of visitors, both family and friends, who come to stay. I take it as a huge compliment because it means that despite the relative chaos, people like being in our home. That makes me happy. I think we have evolved a style of catering to our visitors’ needs that makes them feel comfortable and at home with us. Most South Africans do not see Germany as an enticing holiday destination, so I feel thrilled that certain friends have made the effort to visit us here. When people come all the way to Germany, I know it’s because they are coming to see us, and not just using us as a convenient base from which to tour Baden-Wurttemburg. That means a lot. (Though if they did want to use us as a base from which to tour B-W, we’d be happy about that too.)

4. It’s a great compliment that after nearly 13 years of marriage, 15 years of togetherness, three babies, the gaining of some kilograms, the acquisition of some grey hairs and crow’s feet, my husband still finds me sexy.

3. I have never needed to hunt for work. The work I do now comes from both of my former employers and it is a testament to my relationships at both companies that the work still flows my way.

2. One of my daughters is very girly. She loves it when I make an effort to look nice – when I put on a dress, some make-up, heels. She looks up me as if I am a princess and breathes, “You look BEAUTIFUL, Mummy”. It’s worth the effort, just to hear that from my D.

1. You still there? I take that as a compliment. I’m thrilled that this blog has readers, that people take the time to read, to comment and to be so very encouraging. Without that, Charlotte’s Web might have turned to dust months ago. Thank you.


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19 thoughts on “Just Call Me Elizabeth

  1. I was delighted 2 days ago when I turned 56 and my char looked astonished and said “But you are still fresh”!!! I hate to think what the opposite could be! Your blog, Charlotte , is part of the day’s favourite reading!…another one for you!

  2. You’ve just made my night by showing me this quiz. I’m Robert Heinlein!!!! I cannot describe how pleased this makes me. And I chose hot tea too, which is a bit odd because I don’t think they drink that in outer space…

  3. What kind of philistine would create a list of drinks without adding vodka cranberry? At least Cuba Libre was there as a back up turning me into a rather inept Ernest Hemingway. Well this is rather nice to meet another auslander blogging away in Germany. We tend to keep ourselves very well hidden although with that said you are more likely to hear English and Spanish spoken in Berlin than German. No doubt you suffer the same repeated question that I always get when you mention you are from SA (or NZ in my case) – “Oh what on earth are you doing here? Your country is soooooo beautiful”.. True true… But there are too many Germans back home.

    And I like it here….

  4. Apparently, I was written by Dorothy Parker, which after describing last weekend’s exploits makes sense. So glad you finished the compliment meme. Didn’t it make you feel good? Oh yes, and when I finally come to Germany, it will definitely be to meet you and the rest of your family.

  5. Thanks, Ms Capetonian, for delurking and for your compliment! You and I can be “fresh” together.

    Helen, will you still be my friend if I tell you I’ve never heard of Robert Heinlein?

    Paul! You are Hemingwayesque! Isn’t that every writer’s dream?

    Emily, I’m jealous. I want to be a Dorothy Parker character. And I’m looking forward to that visit that you’ve promised me.

  6. I was written by Flannery O’Connor, which is fascinating as she’s a writer I’ve long meant to read but somehow never got round to. Now I really do have the impetus to get going.

  7. Those compliments are all so sweet. I especially love the one about people feeling comfortable in your home. That says so much about the people who live there.

  8. I love these! it is hard to think of compliments beyond the usual, but it’s good for us, too, I think…to look at ourselves below the surface. i have a writign friend who would say that, anyway. And I bet you have the most welcoming home in the world…from the descriptions of Ollie and your children to your recipes to your approach to the idea of home, I think I would love to spend some time there!

  9. Just like ann163125, Flannery O’Connor wrote my book. Not much escapes my notice.

  10. I ended up as Flannery O’Connor too — although maybe if I’d chosen the tea, it would have been Austen?

  11. Well, I’m either Flannery O’Connor or Dorothy Parker, depending. Dorothy Parker? I wish…

    Your blog is so very easy and delightful to read and I’m always thrilled when I open Bloglines to find a new post from you!

  12. Hey! I got Robert A. Heinlein! Now there’s a blast from my S.F. obsessed childhood.

  13. I was written by Flannery O connor – and I’d never heard of her! Had to Google it. Oh and I choose hot tea too.

    Anyway…out of all your compliments, I love most that hubby still finds you sexy…that IS a great compliment. My Dad was the same about my Mom…even in her 60’s he thought she was HOT! 🙂

  14. So many Flannerys! I’ve never read anything by her either, Ann. Looks like I need to.

    Dew, we love having people here. We usually love it once they have gone too. I think we have a good balance between being sociable and being private.

    Courtney, you are so welcome. You would enjoy the madness.

    Tesha, I know that about you! Ms Observant.

    Dorothy, I think tea definitely leads to Jane.

    Kerryn, I found by selecting NY and a devil-may-care man, I turned myself into a Dorothy Parker character. It can be done. Thanks for your kind words.

    (U)Dad, see, you and Helen are birds of a feather.

    Wendz, oh dear, you just overturned my hot tea theory. I love the idea that your dad always thought your mom was HOT. No wonder she misses him so.

  15. Wendz, on rereading that sounds very insensitive. What I mean is, that to have had a husband who saw her a whole woman, not just as mother, wife etc, must have been wonderful. I meant that kind of love and understanding must make it hard for her without him.

  16. like kerryn, i come up with either flannery o’connor or dorothy parker, depending on if i pick hot tea or martinis (i took the quiz once in the morning, then – because i forgot the result – again in the evening. of course i don’t drink martinis in the morning). well, that can hardly be all the difference between the two, can it?

    i like those five compliments even better than the first. i also like visitors to feel at home in my house, and many people seem to do so, even though it’s still a construction site in some parts.
    and i think it’s lovely that your husband and kids adore you so. now i imagine you in your new pink shoes, dressed like a princess 🙂

  17. I was positive I left a comment on this post yesterday! Maybe it didn’t save. Hmm, what did I say? I think I said that it’s wonderful that people feel so welcome at your house. 🙂

  18. I was written by Dorothy Parker. “Wonderfully urbane, witty boozehound.” My husband says that is the most succinct description of me he’s ever heard. 😀

  19. good fsm I got Anne Rice.

    I’ll slink off into the corner now.

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