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Now I Need to Read This Book


You’re Siddhartha!

by Hermann Hesse

You simply don’t know what to believe, but you’re willing to try
anything once. Western values, Eastern values, hedonism and minimalism, you’ve spent
some time in every camp. But you still don’t have any idea what camp you belong in.
This makes you an individualist of the highest order, but also really lonely. It’s
time to chill out under a tree. And realize that at least you believe in

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14 thoughts on “Now I Need to Read This Book

  1. Oh, dear god, I am Watership Down.


    Although I am a bit mollified by this:

    ‘You might be one of the greatest people of all time. ‘

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  3. oops! “You’re Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. Considered by most to be depraved and immoral, you are obsessed with sex. What really tantalizes you is that which deviates from societal standards in every way, though you admit that this probably isn’t the best and you’re not sure what causes this desire. Nonetheless, you’ve done some pretty nefarious things in your life, and probably gotten caught for them. The names have been changed, but the problems are real. Please stay away from children.”
    and there wasn’t even a single question about sex! how did they know? that’s scary.

  4. Two Watership Downs and a Lolita! I’m jealous.

    Weird how apt it can be though – how did they know I believe in fairies?

  5. I’m The Hobbit! What is the universe trying to tell me?!

  6. Oh, I’m Watership Down as well. I really must stop talking to rabbits!

  7. Siddhartha! Cool. I would love to be Siddhartha — much better than being Catcher in the Rye …

  8. Helen, I think the message is: a three-part novel series, followed by a hugely successful movie, with merchandising. You’re going to be rich!

    Kerryn, the bunny thing, what can I say?

    Dorothy, if you say Siddartha is cool, then I will hunt it down and read it!

  9. I tried to resist when I saw this on Helen’s blog but…
    You’re Les Miserables!
    by Victor Hugo
    One of the best known people in your community, you have become something of a phenomenon. People have sung about you, danced in your honor, created all manner of art in your name. And yet your story is one of failure and despair, with a few brief exceptions. A hopeless romantic, you’ll never stop hoping that more good will come from your failings than is ever possible. Beware detectives and prison guards bearing vendettas.
    There’s an awful lot in this which is scarily true..

  10. You’re One Hundred Years of Solitude!
    by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

    Lonely and struggling, you’ve been around for a very long time. Conflict has filled most of your life and torn apart nearly everyone you know. Yet there is something majestic and even epic about your presence in the world. You love life all the more for having seen its decimation. After all, it takes a village.

    What does this mean?

  11. Oh I’d love to be Siddhartha! It is a WONDERFUL book, Charlotte, and I will dig my copy out and look at it again with very fond memories.

  12. Oh. God. I’m turgid prose. I am Pale Fire by Nabokov.

    That comes from a guy whose blog is called altering labyrinth. Surprisingly apt.

    (Sorry, bit late with this, but fun all the same, thanks :))

  13. I too am Les Miserables. Humph.

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