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I had my first yoga practice in months today, with a wonderful new teacher. Her studio, which looks over the Rhine plain all the way to the Pfalz, was a peaceful refuge from the driving rain outside. For one and a half hours I thought of nothing but myself, my body and how it was feeling. She taught me how to be conscious of my toes, how to attach four corners of my feet to the earth and anchor myself. I learnt how to make my calves, thighs and stomach muscles strong. I left with a wondrous feeling of well-being which lasted for hours.

So it seems appropriate to address Ms Magic Hands’ meme Five Things You Do To Raise Your Vibe while still feeling the afterglow. Here goes:

1. My life is busy. I have three kids, work, friends, and family who require maintenance, even long-distance. One thing I do every day to raise my vibe is to have some time to myself for reading. It usually happens late at night in the bath, when the house is quiet and everyone else is asleep. I pour in the bubbles, keep my toe on the hot tap, add more water when necessary and read, read, read. Right now it’s Elizabeth George’s What Came Before She Shot Him, which is an education in brilliant characterisation and a deeply engaging plot.

2. I plan holidays. One the advantages of where I live is that the whole of Europe is easily accessible. This year I’ve been to Berlin, the south of France, Oslo, Alsace Lorraine. The holidays don’t always have to happen – I enjoy trawling holiday websites, dreaming of what could be.

3. I dance with my children. It’s exercise and it’s fun. I can be as ridiculously silly as I want to be without feeling self-conscious. We call it “working on our moves”.

4. I have a night out with my girlfriends or a date with my husband, all involving wine, food and laughter. Come to think of it, I’d better go and put my party face on right now. I’m heading out to meet the girls.

5. I meditate and dream. After years of practice, I slip readily and easily into a meditative state. I use it in various ways: to relax, to feel better, to raise my consciousness, to commune. It always, always helps.

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11 thoughts on “Happy

  1. I miss yoga classes. The only time I really kept up with them properly was pre or post pregnancy. I love that afterglow but lack the self discipline to do yoga by myself at home. Luckily the belly-dancing classes have taken up the slack and give a similar afterglow.

    I like Elizabeth George too, haven’t read that one yet.

  2. What a cool meme. And I like your answers!

  3. Sounds like a lovely yoga class!

    And all of your answers sound like lovely things to do, too!

  4. I like your answers too. I also read in the bath. There are so many things that you can do to raise your vibe, I had a hard time choosing just five. This one of the things I like about this little game, you get to see which of the many ways possible each person puts at the top of the priority list to make the “Five Things” list.

    Thanks for playing! I enjoyed reading this.

  5. oh yes, nothing like yoga! I love the state of relaxation at the end of a class. You would be good at it too because you have the ability to meditate easily.

  6. After reading Eat Pray Love, I’m really keen to try out yoga and meditation. Now if only I could find an English-speaking yoga/meditation teacher in Rome. The yoga part is easy to find. The meditation part is harder.

  7. Yoga is changing my life! Although my body is objecting every step of the way, it seems. Great to hear you have found a wonderful teacher. And thanks for sharing your meme answers.

  8. I’m going to try and start another yoga class on Monday and reading your description is definitely inspiring. Though I suspect the events room in a south London library probably won’t be as beautiful…

    Dancing with dudelet is something I love though it can only happen when supermum is at a safe distance.

  9. Lovely answers – I’m particularly in agreement with one, three and five. Aren’t children just delightful dancers? Nothing cheers me more rapidly than seeing my son engaged in his ‘moves’! And it won’t surprise you at all to know I consider reading the best therapy there is!

  10. Hey there,

    I was looking for a way to email you, but I didn’t see one, so here goes…

    My name is Cardin Lilly, and I’m the person who started the High Vibes Game, at my site

    Would you mind making a link at the top of this post back to the original directions for the game at

    You can get the link to the directions at the Ms. Magic Hands post you link to above–I’d add the link here but I’m afraid it might get cut off.

    Also would be great if you mentioned that the game originated at OptimistLab instead of Ms. Magic Hands. 🙂

    You will be a great help to those who see this and also want to play, plus you can benefit from cross linking.

    Please email me with any questions, thanks!

    Cardin Lilly

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