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Pirate Flair


Today, Ollie dressed up as a pirate. His mummy painted his face, with a moustache, some stubble, an eye-patch and a fearsome scar.

Then he gathered some apples into a green silk bag, which he carried over his arm.

Because, as you know, all good pirates need a handbag.


Author: charlotteotter

Novelist, feminist, crime writer

4 thoughts on “Pirate Flair

  1. Jack Sparrow watch out!

  2. Wah, so cute! I love them at this age, before they get into being real little tough boys. Personally, I would like the circumvent the tough boy phase altogether… more handbags!!

  3. A handbag for the booty!

  4. What is it about kids and pirates? Mine are very well-versed in AARGH! and Shiver me timbers! and Walk the plank!

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