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Eight Things I Know


Thanks to SusieJ, here are Eight Things I Know:

1. When making a decision, trust your gut. If it doesn’t sit comfortably in your stomach, it’s not a good decision.

2. Make sure you like your own company. However much you surround yourself with people, you are going to end up alone.

3. If you want to lose weight, you need to burn more energy than you eat. Diets don’t work. Just get moving.

4. Children need time to play and dream more than they need extramural chess and cello.

5. Model the behaviour you would like your children to emulate. If you want them to read, then read; if you want them to be polite, be polite yourself; if you don’t want them to eat chips and watch telly all day, then get off the sofa.

6. Having children grows you up.

7. If you speak and act with integrity and goodwill, you are not responsible for people’s reactions.

8. Love, don’t fear. Both are magnets, drawing towards you exactly the energy that you emit. If you love, love will be returned to you. If you fear, you attract fearful situations.


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15 thoughts on “Eight Things I Know

  1. Love all eight items, but 4-7 would all be high on my list.

  2. A fine list altogether and I’m very glad of #4, it makes me feel better about my children’s absence of extra-mural activities… except for the ones they invent for themselves.

  3. These are great! I love the get off the couch one 🙂 Someone here needs that advice and it’s not me!

  4. Like them all but LOVE #3 and #5.

  5. I’m thinking of making #8 my mantra.

  6. #4 is so important – and I even think that children come to no harm by being slightly bored occasionally. It teaches them to look within themselves for ideas and entertainment – and ties in with #2
    I used to spend hours just watching clouds drift by when I was a child, letting my thoughts freefall.

    Of course, too much boredom just makes the little bu**ers fight amongst themselves.

  7. I think I need to print 7 & 8 out and carry them around with me. I love these two.

  8. Number 7 is for me.

  9. Oh I love every single one of these! The last one’s a killer – you know I try and love always but that damn fear keeps getting in the way.

  10. Number 5 and number 8 are so so true.

    Not entirely in agreement with number 4. Depends on the child, really. Some children do much better learning to play cello than sitting around “dreaming” (which makes them bored). As for play, well, Maria Montessori believed that children actually prefer work over play. Most children would rather sweep the floor or wash the dishes in a real kitchen than pretend to do the same in a fake plastic one or even in invisible pretend one. As Dr. Montessori said, “children’s work IS their play.”

  11. I agree with number 4. They need time to dream and flex their wings. And, I love number 8. Beautifully said.

  12. I’m with all the others: “Love don’t fear” is a wonderful mantra. I also love #1.

  13. #1 and #8 are 2 of the rules I try to live by.

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