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Five Things I’m Obsessed With


Courtesy of the lovely Bindi, here are five things I’m obsessed with:

1. Reading and writing. As soon as I could read, I wanted to write. The two are caught up in a wonderfully symbiotic relationship – the more I read, the more I want to write; the more I write, the more I seem to read. I love the magic of words. I am obsessed with language, specifically my language, but also the hidden languages that we use to communicate, the undercurrents that cause us to say and not say the things we feel. I love losing myself in someone else’s web of words, and making my own. Words bring me joy, and a way to read and write my world.

2. A certain place on my husband’s neck, where he likes to keep his pheromones. Mmmm, delicious. My children also have gorgeous skin – smooth, warm and kissable. I love their taut bellies and silky necks.

3. Anything flavoured with lemon: yogurt, cake, ice-cream, rice, salad, vegetables, chicken, fish, calamari, hummous. Lemon brings me sunshine in my northern European world.

4. Finding a land to raise my children in that resembles my homeland as closely as possible. I am looking for: long hot summers, big blue skies, short mild winters, equal access to beaches and mountains, barefoot days, barbeques of an evening, local wine, the smell of lemons, minimal commuting, people who smile and are warm. Basically, paradise.

5. After giving the last decade to my family, I am starting to feel a little obsessed with my own growth and nurturing. I feel poised on the brink of a creative and spiritual journey that completely excites me. My youngest will start playgroup in September for three hours, four mornings a week. That’s 12 hours of dedicated ME time a week. Some of that time I will use for work, but some of it I want to reserve for my very own self. Please, if you notice me taking on too much freelance work, reign me in, scold me and remind to share some of that time with Charlotte. She needs it.

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17 thoughts on “Five Things I’m Obsessed With

  1. Point 5… I for one will DEFINITELY remind you to use that ME time for pampering and nurturing! Remember you do deserve it and try and buy yourself a luxury item instead of thinking that you will rather spend it on the kids! It really is quite alot of fun once you get into it again!

  2. I wonder if the south of Spain has all the required qualities to match South Africa? There is a wonderful autibiographical book by Elisabeth Luard called Family Life, where she describes the years she lived there with her four children. She writes deliciously about the local food too.

    The ME time is something I struggle to remember about. I need someone to knock me over the head and make me do it. I have the offer of free belly dancing classes from tomorrow though, which definitely counts as Me time, also goes on my expanding list of new things tried in 2007. I’ll let you know on my blog how my woefully under-used stomach muscles cope!

  3. You always manage to make it seem as though you maximise on the little spare time you have. Can you imagine all of the time you can spend on 1-4 once 5 kicks in?

  4. >Finding a land to raise my children in that resembles my homeland as closely as possible

    I hear good things about Brisbane, Australia…

  5. Yes, I would agree that Queensland, Australia, would fit the bill for no.4! After a short visit there, I am yearning to go back.

    I’m also obsessed with lemons. I buy a bag of them each week and use them all up – yum, yum!

    I can totally relate to no.1. I could have written that myself.

    Can I join in the obsession meme too?

  6. I SO relate to #1. I’ve been wondering lately: what is it about some of us who read and read, and it makes us want to write and write, and others (I know many) who read and read, and have absolutely no desire to write?

  7. I’m one like Emily mentioned…other than blogging I’ve never been interested in writing, but I have been reading nonstop since I was four years old!

    Your description of paradise sounds suspiciously like Los Angeles, sadly. Except for the local wine…then you’d have to choose Sacramento. I wouldn’t recommend either of those in any case. Not paradise by a long shot.

    I will be interested to see how you make room for that Me Time. I’m struggling with that right now because every hour of day care must be offset by an hour of work. So when does the Me Time happen? I guess that’s the eternal mom struggle.

  8. Point 4: Anywhere along Australia’s eastern coast but if you want good local wine, Melbourne or just north of Sydney sound remarkably like your description.

    I’m another of the others Emily referred to. I’ve been a voracious reader for many years but have not felt the urge to write anything beyond journals and a blog.

  9. Tanya, I have a feeling you will be quite firm with me if I try to spend all my free time working. Thanks for agreeing to be guardian of my me time …

    Kit, thanks for the book tip. I will look out for it. As for the belly-dancing, wow! I look forward to hearing more.

    Lilalia, thanks for the kind words. I do seem to fit a lot in. I can’t imagine how things are going to change once #5 kicks in.

    Ms Make Tea, I have always imagined that Australia would fit the bill. Judging by the other comments, that seems to the case.

    Helen, please consider yourself tagged! And you’re another one voting for Australia.

    Emily that is an odd divide – between readers who read and read, and readers who read and write.

    Henitserk, how about the Bay area? Does that fit the bill? And yes, the me time is a struggle. I’m beginning to think it means going to bed early and waking before the family does to enjoy a couple of hours of peace.

    Kerryn, see, I just knew it. I knew the vote would come out strongly for Oz. I may have to open negotiations with he of the nicely smelling neck.

  10. My husband pointed out last night, that the expression ‘so-and-so cannot read or write’ is doing double duty. He went on the say, surely the two can only go hand in hand. Whoever heard of someone who could only do one?
    I like Emily’s demarcation. I think I may fall into the reading only camp, but am obsessed with a well turned sentence from a technical side. It is the handiwork that fascinates, less the artistry..

  11. It’s a beautiful day in Cape Town today!

  12. Belly dancing is so much fun. I hope you had a good time,Kit.

    Charlotte, I totally agree about books, lemons and man-necks. If it is at all possible, I suggest reserving at least nine of those twelve hours specifically for yourself, no exceptions. My son started last fall with a similar chunk of time and I was amazed at how quickly it was monopolized by things that had to be done.

  13. Well, I thought of the Bay Area, but Sacto is smack dab in the middle between the mountains and the beach, and there are a few wineries in the foothills nearby to compete with Napa, so I thought it worked better. Also most of the Bay Area has hellish commutes and of course San Francisco is fogged over in the summer!

    But again, I still wouldn’t recommend any of these places. Way too many people there for my taste. Though if you want truly hot summers, Sacto is the place to go…no rain from April-October, and July-August have many days over 100F.

  14. Hi Charlotte, you have reminded me of the beautiful baby smell that I was once addicted to. And their little soft bodies and their little heads with the new hair in little circular patterns on their heads, and the full as a goog look when a 4 month old it satiated and asleep upright on your knee while you try to get a burp out of them before putting them down…

    My husband put his foot down – four is enough!

  15. You always find such good memes, Charlotte, and come up with such good answers! I love lemons, too, and my son’s delicious skin.Whatever you do, bask in the me time whenever you have an opportunity. Small child rearing leaves a huge deficit that you eventually cease to become aware of.

  16. Welcome back online. I so missed you. This is a punt for Cape Town. It is a Friday autumn afternoon. I hope to leave work, be home in 10 minutes, pack kids, hubby, nosh and wine and join friends on Bakoven beach for drinks. Tomorrow it’s a picnic below Table Mountain in the beautiful botanical gardens at Kirstenbosch. Sunday it’s a barbecue in the ‘burbs with mates. I love living here and there is a very exciting and growing local literary industry; SA authors being published with vigour. But as with everything, there are pros and cons. Right now, the pros of being here win. For the rest of you who read and love Charlotte’s blog, come and visit and see where she comes from….

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