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I Bid You Adieu


I have been to collect a daughter from a birthday party where I was offered – and gratefully received – a glass of Sekt. I don’t usually have a drink until my children are in bed and dreaming, so tonight it was strange doing our nighttime routine with a little alcohol buzzing in my veins. Somehow, it was rather … pleasant, went very … quickly, without the attendant Mama Bear grumpiness that happens to me after long hard day with my beloveds. I remember a friend once saying to me that she always had a glass of wine while her kids had supper, because it “took the edge off things”. I’m not sure if I want the edge taken off every single night, but tonight it was appropriate.

The feeling of Sekt buzzing in my veins is a great metaphor for the feeling of knowing that I am about to go on holiday. Tomorrow we pack our team in the Familiewagon and head for the South of France. We’re hoping for warm weather so that we can take them to the beach, and allow them to build housing developments in the sand while we work our way through many glasses of wine big piles of books.

We had to come up with a quick rationalisation of how the Easter Bunny would know that the Otter family are not in Germany, but in France on Sunday. While I was still stumbling through an explanation that didn’t sound rational even to Ollie, Lily explained that there is an Easter Bunny for each country and that the German Hase has probably already communicated with the French lapin, who knows to expect three chocolate-loving Otter children in Antibes on Sunday. I’d better warn the lapin to make sure there is extra chocolate for Mama Otter, who will be allowing herself sugar again. And Papa Otter could do with some fine red wines when he breaks his alcohol fast. I guess we’ll be hitting a French supermarche with a large trolley at some point on Thursday. Doing our bit for the global economy.

The bunny stuff reminds me of a story another friend of mine tells. Her husband’s family tended to spend all their holidays at the game reserve and one year their mother forgot to pack the Easter eggs. Instead of fashioning faux eggs from elephant dung and decorating them with red dye sourced from beetle’s wings, as any normal mother would, she just told them that lions had eaten the Easter bunny. The children were apparently traumatised for years.

I hope to return in 12 days’ time with untraumatised children, a slight tan and a couple of extra kilograms from eating chocolate and lovely French food. I plan to take a blogging break, so will see you all then. Bidding you adieu, and I hope that the Easter Bunny arrives intact at all your homes, bearing shed-loads of your favourite chocolate.

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25 thoughts on “I Bid You Adieu

  1. Sorry to disappoint you, but there is no Easter bunny tradition in France. It is the bells who spend the Easter week-end in Rome (probably to hear the Pope’s speech and then try to repeat it the rest of the year as best as they can), and then for no clear reason, they bring back lots of chocolate eggs with them. They come back, and ring-a-ding, the silent bell-towers chime again and the gardens are full of Easter eggs, which makes sense, doesn’t it?

  2. Happy beach holidays. Our children are expecting the Easter Bunny to show up too – I don’t know where he came from, cos he wasn’t around when I was growing up.
    I think they would also be pretty traumatised by any lions devouring the bunny before the eggs were distributed…why is a bunny in charge of egg distribution, does anyone know?

  3. The lion eating the rabbit made me laugh out loud – it is JUST the sort of thing my dad would have told us – in fact thinking back, in my early childhood in Zambia (Northern Rhodesia as was) I remember Easter Eggs, but don’t remember any mention of Easter Bunny.
    Have fun in la belle France – what are you taking to read?

  4. If you haven’t already, you have to get a copy of David Sedaris’s ME TALK PRETTY ONE DAY, in which there is a hilarious essay (among many other hilarious essays) about all these non-French-speaking people, with a very limited vocabulary, trying to explain the Easter Bunny to their French teacher who is trying to explain to them the custom of the French bells. Meanwhile, hope you had a wonderful relaxing time!

  5. The lion sounds like something my father would have said, too — except it was probably a fox that got the bunny. In Australia, moves have been made to replace the bunny with a bilby (a native marsupial with long ears, nose and tail) but it really hasn’t caught on. The bunny still remains supreme.

    Have a wonderful, relaxing, sun drenched holiday in the south of France! And I hope that the bunny finds your little Otters (and you). See you when you get back.

  6. Enjoy your holiday, Charlotte. Sounds brilliant.

  7. Have a lovely time! I’ve just been spending hours on end researching beautiful things to do in Greece this June, so travel is squarely at the front of my consciousness these days as well!

  8. Oh, I’m so jealous. Bonnes vacances!

  9. Oh my, that sounds wonderful. I will miss you so!

    We had the same predicament spending Christmas at the grandparents’ house: how will Santa find us? I chalked it up to his magic powers. Same for Easter bunnies, I’d say.

  10. Worry not: a quick text message will tell the Easter Bunny everything he needs to know. Today’s E.B. is wired. (As is Santa.) Ciao!

  11. I hope you have a great Easter. Ooh, France sounds lovely. I love the way you have categories for “sugar”, “chocolate” and “food” by the way! That’s cool!

    The Easter Bunny won’t be visiting us this year – we realised he might bring Kiko some nice extra little allergens so we’re taking advantage of him not yet understanding what’s going on. But next year the Easter Bunny can come bouncing back.

    When we used to go to different places for Christmas, my Mum, like Henitsirk, used to tell us that Santa’s magic powers helped him locate us, so I definitely think the Easter Bunny would be similar!

  12. Oh dear, but I loved the Easter lion.

  13. Oh, that sounds wonderful — do enjoy your vacation and all that chocolate and all those books!

  14. Travel safe and have a wonderful vacation!

  15. Enjoy your vacations, Charlotte! In the south, we also have milk buns (like in Italy)… just in case you get tired of chocolate ;o)

  16. The lions ate the easter bunny?! That made me laugh. Years ago when the tooth fairy came to our home, my brother neglected to tell my parents he had lost a tooth. And rightly so…doesn’t the tooth fairy just KNOW these things? Well, after a few weeks of no change under the pillow, he finally complained to my parents. Wouldn’t you know the tooth fairy came that night with a note saying she had been on vacation but had not forgotten my brother. He received $2 AND a toy car. I only ever got a quarter.
    I suppose the moral of the story is to wait until the tooth fairy is on vacation. :o)
    Here’s wishing you a wonderful vacation, a nice visit from the easter bunny, and lots of chocolate!

  17. your holiday sounds fantastic! We’ll certainly miss you while you’re gone but there is nothing, NOTHING, like a looong break from the computer to rejuvenate the family (my family only consists of 2 of us, but I’m pretty sure it applies to human nature in general)

  18. Would it not have been better to say the lion ate the eggs rather than the bunny…?! Oh well. Have a lovely holiday. What a beautiful place to spend Easter! And have lots of lovely French chocolate – it’s definitely deserved.

  19. Have a wonderful holiday.

    We have been threatening that the Easter Bunny is on vacation and might not come to our family this year because the children have been very very naughty. Seriously.

  20. I loved the lion eating the easter bunny. Like many of your readers, it made me laugh out loud. Too bad about the kids trauma. . .

    Have a great trip. I’m sure it will be just as much fun as Oslo with your party dress.

  21. Hope you and the family are enjoying your vacation. 🙂

  22. Well, till the 21st then. You’ve already gone so I hope you had a good time!

  23. I hope you’re having a wonderful time, Charlotte. I’m unspeakably jealous and want to hear all about it when you get back.

  24. Bon voyage and have a wonderful time, Charlotte. Looking forward to the post-holiday stories already!

  25. Tom says the threat of Father Christmas getting stuck in the mud on the way to Rockwood has left him traumatised too!

    He wanted his name mentioned on the web site. He didn’t like just being ‘another friend of mine’s husband’ – possibly this need for recognition is one of lasting effects of the ‘eaten-bunny’.

    The Easter bunny made it to the bush this year past the lion, although he was a little late – it is a long way from anywhere and there are no signs on the roads (or alarm clocks after a late night)!

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