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Feeling Good


Last night my husband and I put on some gladdish rags, said goodbye to our lovely Ironing Babysitter (the only kind to have, I assure you) and went to a friend’s fortieth birthday party. It felt good to leave our kids behind and go to a party together.

I wore my favourite purple wrap dress over my favourite dark jeans, with my comfortable black boots and my favourite dangly green necklace that I bought in Paris. I felt good! I am working that dress over jeans look at the moment. It is intensely liberating to wear a dress, which is feminine and sexy but not have to worry about sitting neatly, visible panty-lines, uncomfortable tights and showing too much leg. I love it so much that I am considering wearing trousers under the exquisite purple lace dress I bought to wear to the Oslo wedding in two weeks’ time. (More on Oslo in a later post. I know you’re breathless with excitement.)

The party was held at a great bar in a nearby town. The nineteenth-century building has recently been renovated and is filled with funky shops and new businesses. The bar is in a cellar and is completely smoke-free. That felt good. Germany is way behind the rest of Europe – except possibly France – on the no-smoking laws, so it was highly unusual to be in a bar where no-one was smoking. My clothes don’t stink today.

The friend whose birthday it was, and his lovely wife, were thrilled to see us. We have been a bit out of touch with them in the last few months so it was great to make contact again. We made promises to get together soon. It feels good that we have made such wonderful friendships here in Germany. We have carved out a place for ourselves.

During dinner – a sit-down meal where I did not have to affix a bib, wipe a face, correct table-manners or ask anyone not to talk about poo – there were the usual entertainments meted out at German birthday parties. Having been bored rigid by long poems in rhyming couplets or scary dance routines, it felt good that that the entertainments were tasteful and did not go on too long. The birthday boy’s wife put together a short movie of his life, with a great sound-track. His sister-in-law did some very impressive belly-dancing.

Impressed by her snakey hips, we were the first on the dance-floor after dinner. It felt so good to dance! I danced and danced. When midnight came and it was time to go home and relieve our babysitter, my husband said to me, “You’re having so much fun. Why don’t you stay and dance some more?” Another friend agreed to drive me home, and then he and I danced for two hours. I loved it. I danced, tested out my snake hips, laughed, smiled, drank wine and danced some more. I felt as relaxed as I do dancing at home with my kids, except I wasn’t at home with my kids, but out after midnight in a funky bar wearing my favourite outfit and dancing my heart out.

I came home and my darling husband had waited up for me. That felt good.

This morning, though, I did not feel so good. With skunk eyes and white wine breath I did not look or smell so good. But hell it was worth it. A girl needs that every once in a while.


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17 thoughts on “Feeling Good

  1. So glad you had such a fab time – we need time out from the kids just to ‘be’….ha ha re the white wine breath….great post Charlotte – I felt it all. Ms Snake Hips! 🙂

  2. Yay, Charlotte, how to party! A wonderful mother like you deserves to be liberated from adult cares for a few hours. Delighted to know you made the most of it.

  3. It sounds fab. I too love the dress over jeans look. Sexy but boyish, in my mind. I also love to dance all night. Perhaps you could invite me next time you have a night out?

  4. I love that look, too. And I, too, danced all night long last night and while I don’t have kids, I did enjoy it so much. But I must admit today is..rough. Rough it is… Which is why it’s fun to do that occasionally, but could not be my life every day.

  5. Your hubby sounds like a keeper.

  6. Where are the Ironing Babysitters?! I want one now!!!!

    It sounds like a great evening. Ooh, I will look forward to hearing about Oslo. One of my dreams is to visit Norway.

  7. It sounds fun!!! I would be paying for it the next day too, but it’s worth it once in a while for the sheer fun factor.

    Oh and tell us more about the purple lace dress!

  8. Charlotte, you are one of my new favorite story tellers. I love the image you paint. And dancing…yes, it is a treat that one shouldn’t indulge in too often or it loses it’s appeal. I go dancing usually every other month or so and there is something ah-MAZE-ing about a guy who can dance! Wow! Glad you had such a fun evening.

  9. I don’t know if I’m fit enough to dance all night long any more and I can’t remember last time I tried…sad I know! We did plan to have an all dancing fortieth for me with a live band or at least a DJ to play all those essential eighties hits, but funds didn’t allow so we put it off till my fiftieth – hopefully I’ll get around to getting fit again before then!

    It is amazing to have an adult evening though – makes you feel like a kid again.

  10. Wendz, it was pretty fabulous, I have to tell you.

    Litlove, I did make the most of it. I was grrrrooovin’.

    Ms Melancholy, you’re welcome to join me!

    Courtney, absolutely! I suffered all of Sunday and had to be put to bed early because I was grumpy.

    Henitserk, he is. I am lucky.

    Helen, the universe has to bring you an Ironing Babysitter. They are the very best kind.

    Kathryn, the purple lace dress is going to be entirely inappropriate for Oslo towards the end of winter and far more suitable for a summer picnic. But I fell in love with it. Perhaps I should post a photo …

    Charlotta, what I didn’t mention and perhaps I should have was all these Germans standing shyly around the dance-floor tapping their feet and looking shifty. As soon as the salsa music came on, they were all transformed into Latinos and were pulling some spectacular dance moves.

    Kit, I did complain of sore legs on Sunday and had some trouble getting up and down the stairs. I do think it’s too long to wait for your fiftieth, though. Can’t you have a 41st and throw your dream dance party?

  11. That sounds great. I don’t dance much, but when I do, I have so much fun. Glad you enjoyed yourself!

  12. hmm. Sounds fun. I must admit, I haven’t gotten into the dress over jeans look yet. I do often wear dresses out, but these days usually don’t bother shaving the legs. I use the philosophy my mother taught me: If someone gets close enough to notice, poke them in the eye! But maybe jeans could be a good alternative to this policy.

  13. It sounds like a fantastic night, despite the next day. How terrific you had the chance to groove the night away!

  14. Ironing Babysitter! Do they have any siblings willing to travel? Aren’t those nights so crucial? Even the hangovers (so you don’t feel too badly about how infrequently they happen, maybe?)

  15. Love the phrase ‘gladdish rags’.

  16. I’ve been working up my courage to try the dress-over-jeans look, and now you’ve inspired me. I was thinking one had to be tall to pull it off, but perhaps not?

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