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Guess the Lie ***Now with Answer***


I realise that Charlotte’s Web has been a solemn place of late so here’s a little tomfoolery to entertain you on a Sunday night. Below are six facts about me. One is a lie. Can you guess which one is a complete and utter humdinger of a falsehood?

I have read this meme in various places – usually as Three Truths and One Lie, but I couldn’t help embroidering a little. I first saw it at Stitched in Holland.

Herewith Five Truths and One Lie:

1. I have different coloured eyes – one green and one half-green, half-brown.

2. As a student I had a job at a supermarket selling dolls that urinated.

3. I live in a town that was once a Roman settlement. This weekend we went to the local museum, and saw the remains of a pillar from the temple that used to be in our garden.

4. On our honeymoon in Zimbabwe, we had to call the hotel guards to chase away the herd of elephants that were eating the strelitzias outside our bungalow.

5. My favourite novel is Elizabeth Costello by J.M. Coetzee.

6. I have never been into a sex shop.

If you want to play too, consider yourself tagged.

*** The Answer ***

Well done to all of you who guessed the book was the lie! Despite the fact that Coetzee is one of my favourite authors, I loathed Elizabeth Costello and never finished it. My main objection was the part after she died and was messing about in heaven – I just didn’t want to hear about it. Anyway, she’s come back to haunt me, because she’s turned up again in Slow Man, which I’m presently reading. It looks like I may be forced to locate my copy of EC from the bottom of a dusty pile and have another look at it. And Emily, you’re right, I don’t have a favourite book.

To those of you who toyed with the sex shop as my possible lie, I wish I could offer you a salacious tale. Alas, despite the proliferation of the above in German towns, I have never been into one. However, I am planning a trip to Berlin with some girlfriends in September and may have to remedy this there – far, far away from my home town.

And Helen, we really did see the temple pillar that was excavated in our garden while our house was being built in the Seventies. Cool, huh? Our kids were most impressed, and now believe we have the premium address in town.

And I really did sell weeing dolls. Only for one afternoon, mind. And then I phoned up the best-looking boy on campus, invited him out for supper and paid for the meal.


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26 thoughts on “Guess the Lie ***Now with Answer***

  1. I don’t know enough about Germany to have any idea whether #3 is a lie or not, but it sounds plausible to me.

    I don’t know anything about the book you mention, so can not judge whether it might or might not be your favorite.

    My official vote for the lie goes to #6. In order for it to qualify as a “complete and utter humdinger of a falsehood,” I will further postulate that you have not only entered a sex shop, but that at one point you were, in fact, either employed at one or, alternately, had some sort of significant experience in one, probably during your cultural awakening/coming of age in London.

    (How’d I do?)

  2. Ooh, this is tough, but I think #6 is the lie too.

    I’d like #3 to be true because it’s sooooooooooo interesting!

    Funnily enough, I had a friend in primary school and she had one blue eye and one that was half green and half brown. I thought this was so amazing and wished like mad that my eyes could be like hers (instead they stayed boring old grey…)

    Around that time, I had a baby doll with, ahem, a dicky, and if you fed him water from a bottle he’d do, ahem, a “real” wee-wee. His name was Birimbo. I loved him!! Sometimes my nickname for Kiko is Birimbo. I wish you could those kinds of dolls nowadays. Assuming #2 is true, were the dolls the Birimbo kind? If so – great job!!

    Once I get my brain back I might do this.

    • Helen

      this is weird…i had a birimbo doll too…waaay back in the early ’80s

      and now my younger son’s nickname is kiko…how bizarre…

  3. Wah! My comment disappeared! Maybe it was because I used the word “dicky”?! Sorry, Spaminator. Anyway, I was saying that I think #6 is the lie.

  4. hmmm, this is fun…
    I honestly cannot remember about the eys but I do recall a vague discussion about this with someone?…. so I will say no to #1
    #2 is quite plausible
    #3 I know your town has amazing ruins and very close to your home, so how close this is to the pillar temple in your garden….no to #3
    #4 very plausible
    #5 not sure … I tried reading this…. hmmm
    #6 by default it will have to be this one… I’m sure you have stood outside one but I don’t know if you actually have gone IN….

    So my vote is for #6

  5. ha ha ! Yikes I don’t know this one! I am dithering between the book and the sex shop… you’re funny..

  6. I’d say the lie is #5. I think we all think it is #6 because we are hoping for the long story version.

  7. Charlotte, I don’t what happend to my comment, but I voted for #5 as the lie.

  8. I’d say #5, because I don’t think of you as someone who could just flat out announce what her favorite novel is.

  9. Hmmm … I’d guess either #5 or 6, and since Jennifer went with #6, I’ll be different and guess #5. I’m dying to know!

  10. I keep going between #5 and #6, too.


    No, #6.

    Never mind, #5.

    Okay, okay, I choose #6!

    Can’t wait to find out…

  11. I am going with #5. I agree with Emily. I don’t think you have a “favorite”.

  12. Chocs, having gazed at your face over many glasses of wine, I I know about those David Bowie eyes, so my money is on the novel cos I agree with Emily that there is no way you could choose just one you love above all.

  13. My immediate guess was 6 but then I was swayed by other comments to considering 5 as an option – hey I’ll go with 6 – it’s hard to spend time in London as a young twenty-something without at least setting foot in Anne Summers just out of curiosity..

  14. I think #6 is true.

    I think #2 is the lie because after all, who specialises in selling urinating dolls (except if you work in #6).

    I would like to believe that #5 is the lie, having tried to read the book myself and getting immensely annoyed and putting it down unfinished, thus annoying myself even further.

  15. I’m going with #6. You live in Germany – you could have wandered in by accident thinking it was the door to the bakers.

  16. Can I change my vote? After much discussion with my man, we decided on number 5.

  17. I wonder if you have any idea how exotic this sounds to me: “On our honeymoon in Zimbabwe…” I’ve never been outside the US!! Sad, I know.

    I might have guessed the book but unfortunately I don’t know it, and couldn’t say whether I thought you might love it. Well done though, they all sounded plausible!

  18. Shoot, I got in on this one after the answer was posted. I was going to guess number 6, actually. I have been in a sex shop, in San Francisco. It seemed tawdry and rather boring, actually.

  19. I think we should start calling your gaff the temple! ‘ Ok gals, lets swing back to the Temple for some ice cream in the garden’ etc.. Thanks for the answers Charl..

  20. Oh I’ve come to this too late to play, but what fun! I would have guessed wrong, and must now consider carefully whether or not I read Elizabeth Costello.

  21. A fun post!

    And I suspect that the date with the best looking boy is your “worst date ever”?

  22. Emma, I like that! I could be the Goddess. Hmm, works for me.

    Henitserk, you live outside NYC – do you know how exotic that sounds to me?!

    Ms Magic Hands, I’m sure it was tawdry but I feel one visit is necessary.

    Litlove, now that Elizabeth has cropped up in Slow Man, I am considering giving EC a second chance. Considering, only.

    Bindi, noooo – it was a great date and the start of a beautiful relationship, which lasted all of two months!

  23. So, no inhaling of wine done on that particular occasion…

  24. Haven’t had time to “inhale” all of this post, but I wanted to know: What did you like about Elizabeth Costello? I couldn’t quite get into it, but I love Coetzee…and would love to hear your thoughts, CharlotteO!

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