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Jumping On the Podwagon


Never let it be said that Charlotte’s Web is not an early adopter. BlogLily has done it. So has Ms Make Tea Not War. Last night, Litlove published hers. Thoroughly inspired by my fabulous blogging and podcasting friends, I’ve made my first podcast too. Beware, there could be more!

You can hear it here

or here:


Please feel free to comment on the sound quality. I used the inbuilt microphone on my Mac and I’m not sure if it’s adequate. Any other comments also gratefully accepted!

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22 thoughts on “Jumping On the Podwagon

  1. Ooh you have the same accent as Brad’s gran. It’s like being back in SA!

    My accent has changed drastically from speaking Dutch all day. I used to have a plummy colonial English accent. You don’t have any German tones in your voice at all!

    Maybe I’ll do a podcast too 🙂

  2. pleeeaaassseeee… will you read ME bedtime stories? This was lovely and I really enjoyed the story. I think that I may just plonk Ryan and Aimee in front of the computer this evening! Thank you for this Charlotte.

  3. Thanks for reading that super story! I hope this will be a regular thing! I think you are never too old to enjoy a story being read aloud. 🙂

  4. Excellent choice. Good and clear. Wasn’t quite loud enough on my computer, but that is probably due to my computer mini loudspeaker.

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  6. The sound was fine here though I did have to turn the volume up on my speakers a fraction. So nice to hear your voice!

  7. I’m soooooo frustrated – I can’t get it to play at all! I’m going to give it a rest and let it think about its behaviour and I will return in a couple of hours to try again.

  8. Heh! You can read to me any time Charlotte. The volume was a little low but nothing that a judicious tweak of the dial didn’t fix.

  9. I loved the story — great reading!!

  10. I thought you had been the first one to ‘cast the pod’, even if it was with Funky Uncle Mustard.

  11. Thanks, everyone. I may read you some more children’s stories in the near future …

    Mandarine, you’re right, but then I was a mere guest. This time I worked the technology AND provided the content. Gosh am I proud.

  12. Very clear sound quality. Sorry – my partner’s family (East African background) have quite a similar set of voices.

  13. Hurray! I heard it this time. You have lovely diction, Charlotte – crystal-clear pronounciation. I’m certainly lining up with the others at bedtime!

  14. Wonderful. It sounds just perfect to me.

  15. Christina, thrilled to hear my MacBook is performing and the sound’s okay.

    (Un)relaxeddad, I don’t mind sounding like an African. I’m quite relieved I haven’t picked up a German accent though. But perhaps one day I’ll record my kids and you can tell me if you think they sound a little Germanic.

    Litlove, my school drama teacher would be proud to hear you say that … she worked long and hard at that diction!

  16. It was lovely and really relaxing to listen to this story! The sound was perfect for me. Keep on!

  17. That was lovely Charlotte.

    More please! (Do you do requests, perhaps?)

    Thank you for reminding me how lovely it is to listen to someone reading a bedtime story.


  18. Thank you, I loved your voice even though I have not had time to listen to the whole story yet. My clients keep interrupting me and expecting me to give them massages. I mean, REALLY! How rude.

    I do have to say I probably will not be jumping on the podcasting bandwagon any time soon. I have begun to wonder about you ladies. How do you find the time to write, post, comment, podcast and also do the child rearing things that you post about? And some of y’all have jobs too. Maybe I spend too much time editing. I don’t know.

    Thank goodness my husband thinks it is great that I enjoy blogging.

  19. Thanks Pauline, Aphra and Ms HMH. I’m starting to think what my next bedtime story might be.

    As for the time, Ms HMH, it helps that 60% of my family are away skiing this week and I just have one low-maintenance baby boy to look after. My house is clean and tidy, there are meals in the freezer, I’ve done some decorating AND made podcasts – it’s been a rather creative and relaxing time.

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  21. What a brilliant choice, Charlotte! I hope there are lots & lots more of these. xo, BL

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