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Storm Warning


19 Jan. 12h04. We were very lucky. The worst of the storm seems to have missed southwest Germany and those in the north suffered worse. In our town, there are some trees down, but no-one seems to have been injured. I managed to have a decent night’s sleep and so did my children, but apparently not all the neighbours did – they lay awake hoping their trees would stay standing. Today is windy, but we think the storm has blown itself out. We have to give our thoughts to those whose families were on the road, like Lilalia, and hope, for their sake, that everyone is safely home.

11.03pm. Things have gone quiet. I think it’s time for bed. Not sure if this is the eye of the storm – see I read my websites, I know my storm lingo – or if it’s really over.

9.30pm. It seems like we have a bad storm rather than a hurricane. But wind sounds worse when you can’t see it and it’s pitch-black outside. The blinds are rattling and the storm is raging. There is that unnerving undercurrent as it ebbs and flows, and I try really hard not to think about the very tall tree three metres from my bedroom window.

2pm. Storm Update:

Got the lambs home and fed. Cancelled ballet. Storm damage thus far: lid blown off the green recycling bin and a few branches decorating the lawn. Trees are bending alarmingly, but nothing flying through the air. Yet.

10am-ish. Germany’s expecting a hurricane this afternoon. Orkan Kyrill. I’ve had no experience of Unwetter in my life, so I’m a little nervous. (Complete understatement: I’m absolutely freaking out, but I’m trying to behave like a grown-up.) I’ve put away all the toys littering the garden, tried my best to secure the plastic tables, and put everything I can carry in the cellar. I’ve phoned the school – they have no plan. Kindergarten neither. The worst of the storm is expected this afternoon, so I hope to get all my little lambs safely tucked in at home before it happens.

I’ve been keeping my eye on the TV – no tips what do to do if things get bad. Just an old Wetter-Philosoph telling us that this storm will mean the return of winter. On Monday. Apparently. Thank goodness for US websites. I know that I must put our blinds down, and keep to the centre of the house, away from glass doors, of which we have four. We need to have lots of food and a tank full of petrol. Check. Check.

Perhaps I’m over-reacting. Let’s see. I’ll post an update later.


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23 thoughts on “Storm Warning

  1. Good luck Charlotte. I hope that the hurricane swings right by you and that later today there will be no need to worry. In the meantime, I’d be freaking out too — I’ve never had any experience with cyclones or hurricanes, either. I know. That’s no help at all but still… Thinking of you and hoping that everything will be all right.

  2. Thanks Kerryn. It’s the very tall tree a mere three metres from our large plate-glass window that is giving me most cause for concern. Perhaps I should have said “yes” a few months ago when the neighbour wanted to chop it down …

  3. I just posted about this. We’re farther north so it’s getting windy already and they let all the schoolchildren go home at 11:20 a.m. today after the fourth hour just in case.

    I’m not fond of wind on a good day so this should be interesting.

  4. I hope you all are okay and nothing dangerous gets close to you!

  5. Dear Charlotte, we’ve been having a warning here in France about strong winds too, but meteo professionals – and journalists – are very cautious (and over-reacting). A few years ago there were no warning system at all and they have been strongly criticized after a storm. There is no comparison with Asian typhoon though (the only Un-wetter I have experienced), so you shouldn’t probably worry too much! Take care

  6. Thanks Dorothy, we’re battening down the hatches for the day. Pauline, you’re probably right – “hurricane” may be overly strong. We’ll wait and see.

  7. Good luck! I hope you all get by unscathed. Hurricanes are quite scary.

  8. Hope the hurricane has blown itself away from you by now and that there is nothing worse than a few branches littering your lawn and a sense of anticlimax. Good luck.

  9. Be safe.

  10. I hope everything is OK. Large unstable trees freak me out as well. Please take care! I had one experience in Japan where I was blase about a typhoon and I got the fright of my life. Never again! Now I always take extreme weather very seriously.

  11. Thanks everyone for thinking of us. Helen, thanks for making me laugh! You shall always be Helen “She Who Was Blase About a Typhoon” to me.

  12. Oh, I’m thinking about you. Please let us know as soon as everything is alright! I lived through a couple of Hurricanes when I lived down south…for some reason there everybody bought bleach, bread and milk. To this day I don’t know why.
    Stay safe!

  13. Oh dear, I just saw on the news that the storms in Europe were severe and that lots of people had been killed by falling trees. I do hope you’re all alright.

  14. Hoping that you come through unscathed. If you’d like to see what can happen when you just have rain falling when the air temperature is around 31 degrees Fahrenheit, check out The Iceman Cometh on my blog. I am thankful we did not also have wind.

  15. Winter gale, hurricane, no matter, it did cause havoc didn’t it? Nomad Son still not home at 8 am the next morning. But, haven’t heard any bad news, so expect him to roll in sometime this morning. Hope all is well with your garden and home.

  16. I do hope all is well with you. We have had severe winds, but most of the disruption was on the roads, with lots of lorries and buses being blown over. The Germans are excellent builders and planners, so I’m sure you will experience minimal damage. Waiting for an update, though….

  17. Keep us updated Charlotte! We’re thinking of you. Winds like that are so scary…

  18. I do hope that tree is still standing Charlotte ! It IS rather large. We also had some terrific gale force winds here but I see not nearly as bad as by you. This morning as I was doing the school run it was so sad to see all these majestic trees, especially the oak trees, just laying by the roadside. Broken down and ripped from the earth. Makes me feel like mourning for them.

  19. At least, you had a warning: as Pauline says, in december 1999, Northern France sustained 170 km/h winds with no storm warning the previous day. Roofs were blown away, trees were down, power and telephone were cut, and the radio was playing jazz music: it was surrealistic, we thought that we were the only ones, that this was a local micro-storm just over my parents’ village. We started to have radio coverage only two hours after the storm had passed.

  20. Good to know you’re all safe. The wind was very strong where we are, but our house is pretty protected and we’re fine. I just looked outside and it’s still blowing pretty hard.

  21. Charlotte, I am relieved to hear that you and your family are all right. How frightening that must have been.

  22. I’ve been through a hurricane myself so I can understand the anxiety. I’m glad that you and your family made it safely through and hope that all of your friends are well too.

  23. Good to hear that you came through intact. How on earth did you manage to sleep?

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