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TechnoPeasant Uploads …


… some heaving boots and a lantern. Sadly for Ollie, his boot is very small so Sankt Nicolaus the First (aka Mummy) wasn’t able to get much into it. However, Sankt Nicolaus the Second came home very late from Birmingham and added a small red London bus and a Postman Pat book to his stash. He was mightily impressed, as were his two sisters. Our fridge is still full of their St Nic chocolate, which was kindly added to by our lovely Frau M and the local Schlecker. The temptations, they do not go away, and it is only the 9th of December. I am visibly swelling and am actually looking forward to the privations of January.

And now to thank my agents …

This is a result of my first foray into Flickr, which I achieved after some kind encouragement from Megan. Her blog is worth a browse for its combination of lovely photos, beautiful writing and gorgeous crafts (after reading it, I said to St Nic II, “I think I want a sewing machine” and he said, “Write your novel first and then you can buy your own!”).

I’m feeling very proud of myself since I am already evincing my aim to move from technophobe to technophile. There be podcasts (admittedly, all the technical expertise there was JP’s, and I was merely the talking head). Anyway, since I’m no longer ‘phobe but not yet ‘phile, I’m taking on the moniker of techopeasant (for which I have to thank Jen), but only for a short while, mind. Soon I’m going to be scaring you with my technical wizardry.

And my final thanks go to Kerryn for the lovely swag decorating the bottom of my December posts.



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4 thoughts on “TechnoPeasant Uploads …

  1. You’ll be upgrading to ‘phile in no time at all 🙂

  2. Someday I’ll possibly try for ‘phile. Meanwhile, I think I’ll join you in the ‘peasant category

  3. I’m definitely in the Techno peasant category..I tried to listen to your pod cast interview and failed, but I loved your short story. You really brought his character to life and evoked the whole South African scene so succinctly. Look foward to reading more!

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