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In Which I Cast the Pod


(Alternative title: I Have the Face for Radio)

A couple of Saturdays ago, when my husband and I were fighting the good fight with our tax return, our friend JP provided some light relief by calling me up and wanting to talk about blogging, writing and other issues. I left my valiant husband battling the piles of paper and went off to do a podcast, which was really much more fun.

If you want to have a listen, you’ll find it here.

It’s not great hearing yourself speak, but a couple of things I noticed were:

  • I sound tired and JP sounds perky. It was 10.30pm in Germany and much, much earlier in the Midwest of the US of A.
  • After 10 years away, I still sound like a lekker Sarf Efrican.
  • I say “fantastic” far too often.



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  • 12 thoughts on “In Which I Cast the Pod

    1. Wah! I wish I could hear podcasts. My computer’s speakers don’t work.

      I hate hearing my voice on recordings. I’m so paranoid about my accent after a lifetime of people making dodgy remarks about it. (I’ve even had: “So what’s your first language?”) But I don’t think anybody likes the sound of their voice on tape. My husband hates his too when I think he sounds lovely and normal.

      I am going to pester said husband to see if we can get the speakers working again!

    2. Well I think you have a lovely voice Charl, and fine enunciation might I add.. you don’t sound tired, just far away, which is telephone time lag, to be sure. It makes me feel better that you speak clearly, because I have had the doubtful compliment of speaking like a teacher. Helen I too have been asked what my mother tongue is, I sympathise. I know it comes from my speaking English to non-native speakers; you try to make it easier for them by simplifying sentences and articulting proper like..

    3. Charlotte – I hadn’t noticed the “fantastic.” What I did notice, and didn’t bother to edit out, was that I’ve incorporated a the “mmmm” too often. Credit to your husband who I consider a master of the “mmm.” I just over used it! Apologies for my misuse! (and I don’t think you sounded tired – I’m with emma).

      Sorry it took so long to get this out!

    4. Charlotte,

      Excellent interview. After having had the pleasure of reading your blog these last weeks, it was particularly delightful to hear your voice as well. By the way, you didn’t sound tired.

      Having two free hours to yourself, when there are still small children in the household, is not a luxury, it is actually, most often, an impossibility. The fact that your intention is there is so important. The fact that you know you are responsible for writing under any and all conditions, will help you tremendously, once the light appears at the end of the tunnel (youngest child around 5 years old) to grab each and every opportunity.

      Not knowing you long, but certainly inspired by your writing and spirit, I am sure you will eventually reach that dream of writing a second novel, while your appreciative fans wait and your publisher pays.

    5. Well, I’m bummed. I could not successfully listen to your interview, which I am sure was absolutely splendid. However, I DID read the short story and could almost hear the silly daughter’s whining.

      I have to say “The Artist’s Way” is a splendid book with very valuable exercises and I join with you in recommending it.

    6. After two aborted attempts to download the podcast, I’m so glad I tried the third time. It’s a wonderful gift to be able to put a real voice with the virtual, especially when it has such a lovely accent.

      And if that is what tired sounds like, I’d like to be tired like you 🙂

    7. Hi Charlotte, having a look here like I said I would. I’ll be back again as well – so nice to meet new online friends. I haven’t listened to the podcast (need to be somewhere in a few minutes) but notice The Artist’s Way mentioned above. I have just started incorporating morning pages and artist’s dates into my life. Not sure where it is going, but these exercises are very invigorating.

    8. I haven’t managed to listen to it yet (as you know, I am not the world’s greatest whizz with computer technology) but I’ll get there in the end. In the meantime – how exciting! I’d love to do a podcast!

    9. Loved your podcast and your accent!

    10. Well, I am almost disappointed. I was expecting some sort of thick afrikaner accent mixed with German tones. All I can hear is a very clear speech which I would have been unable to locate between New-Zealand and Australia, had I not known you were South-African. Next time, maybe JP should edit out the telephone time lag gaps which unfortunately give the impression that you are waiting for your interpreter to finish the translation from American 😉

    11. Thanks everybody for the very nice comments. Glad to hear my accent sounds more appealing to your ears than it does to mine. Its funny how hearing is selective – my English-speaking friends think my daughters have slight German accents and I don’t hear it at all.

    12. Loved the interview and the accent – sounds better than mine!

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