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Home Fires and Lovely Men


While I was out walking in the hills this weekend, stretching my limbs, breathing fresh air, enjoying being unencumbered by belongings, small humans or any obligations, two lovely people were keeping the home fires burning – one literally and one figuratively.

My friend’s husband was throwing logs on the fire, so that when we returned, chilly on the outside – though warmed internally by the Gluehwein we drank at a Christmas shop – the house was all toasty warm. He ate supper with us and then left us to get up to girly things – drink wine, paint toenails, watch Vera Drake on DVD – coming back every couple of hours to see to the fire and make sure we were comfortable.

Back home chez Charlotte another lovely man was looking after three small humans so that I could lie on a sofa somewhere else, drink wine, paint my toenails and relax. I came home to hear that there had been a riot of activity: mask-making, kite-flying and leaf-sweeping. Certain little corners of my home that I just never get to had been tidied, huge loads of laundry had been done, large and wholesome meals had been cooked.

Thanks to both of you. You are darlings.


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10 thoughts on “Home Fires and Lovely Men

  1. You have to freeze that thought and any time in the next year you feel the urge to nick-pick at your husband for being less-than-perfect, press that replay button in your brain. Your husband deserves it… loads of laundry, and newly cleaned corners. In my experience, your husband might not necessarily understand how most of the female readers of this entry will hold him in great esteem for this grand gesture of support. Some of us, might even think of the gesture as being rather romantic and sexy. Ridiculous, but true. (Of course you could tell him it’s because he is great in bed and not mention the laundry.)

  2. That sounds wonderful–almost makes me want to get married myself. How did you like Vera Drake? I think I left that film with a headache because I had cried so much throughout. But then I am a weeper.

  3. That sounds like bliss, and you are such a saint not to have the kind of egotistic response (that frankly I have on occasion had) that such things ought to be a human right and not the result of military-style planning. I’m just glad to know you had a lovely time.

  4. I’m so glad that I don’t have the only perfectly lovely man in the world. there should be more of them, and I’m glad you have one too.

  5. (Just popping into say hi – you commented on my blog after the expat meet-up last week and I finally found your blog. Hope you can join us for the next meet-up)

    That IS lovely! When I got back from my weekend away last week I found that my husband and sons had folded and put away ALL (and it was a lot)the laundry. They’ll never know how much that meant to me.

  6. That sounds absolutely delightful. I love the idea of a log fire and have never had one; it conjures up a lovely image of tranquil cosiness. And it is truly fantastic when men behave as domestic gods…

  7. crap, now I have to go do laundry and get the fire started. . . I suppose I’ll have to empty the dishwasher and clean the toilets too if I want to keep up with this bunch?! 🙂

  8. Sounds great, to step out of your mum shoes for a brief while and have them polished and pristine when you return.

  9. I have to say, it WAS wonderful, and I am lucky, and it was delightful to come back to an organised and happy home.

    Imani, I was very moved by Vera Drake. It’s a wonderful film, and so sensitively and imaginatively handled by Mike Leigh. I loved how close her family were and the way they supported her despite being shocked to the core when they discovered her secret.

  10. Awww, very sweet. Good friends are priceless. 🙂

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