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I Am Not a Celebrity …


… but apparently I am a male C-list blogger. I guess that’s the blogging equivalent of being the guy who was voted out of Big Brother in the first week for peeing in the shower, or being a celebrity gardener’s second cousin. I am the one who carries the toolkit for the DIY guy on Changing Rooms whose name you can never remember. I am not Posh Spice’s mother’s hairdresser, I am the kippie who brings her coffee when she’s in the salon. But I am proud of this:

C-List Blogger

To find out your very own bloglebrity, go to Kineda. You enter your URL and a widget calculates whether you are A, B, C or D-list via your Technorati authority and the frequency of your posts. It’s all about link love, darlings. Plus you get the cute little icon above.

And just to show how committed I am to my blogging friends, let me give credit where credit is due. First I went to Litlove, had a nose around her blogroll. There I found No Dependencies/No Logo, which led me to Kineda.

Another fun thing to do when you’re sick of deleting spam and fluttering around cyberspace like a tired pigeon looking for somewhere to land, is the Gender Genie. This I found courtesy of Aphra. You cut and paste your text into the Genie and it assesses your gender via your writing style. I write like a girl. Except for this post, which the Gender Genie believes was written by a man.

Bidding you a warm farewell, your male, C-list blogpal, Charlotte … Just off for a back wax.

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Novelist, feminist, crime writer

13 thoughts on “I Am Not a Celebrity …

  1. That gender genie is uncanny and I am C-List too!! Does that mean we get to step onto the carpet at the Oscars but no one cares what we are wearing? Or that we get to serve drinks at Oscar after parties while “resting” between stints as a starlet?

  2. I think we’d definitely be “resting”. I don’t think C-listers make the Oscars.

  3. There should have been a warning at the start of this post: “Reading all the way to the end will cause you to forcibly expel any and all liquid currently being imbibed.” You owe me a new keyboard, Charlotte 🙂

    Interesting exercise — and I’ve got a bit of linky love to cultivate, from the looks of my D-listing.

  4. I’ve tried the gender genie on three of my posts. The result was: male three times out of four. I thunk to myself: ‘now this gender genie is very clever’.
    I then tried four of litlove’s and dorothy’s posts and the result was: male three times out of four.
    Hence I conclude that the algorithm is very biased (or maybe blogging is inherently a male activity).

    Now, if you want a very clever algorithm, have a go at (an artificial intelligence algorithm reads your thoughts in 20 questions)

  5. I am also a C-list blogger. We must be the best, right?

  6. *sniff*

    Can I still sit at your table, even though I’m the lowest of the low?

  7. I love the tired pigeon analogy! THat’s just how I feel after exhausting my wings losing track of what I was looking for.

    I’m on the C-list too – must be the best!

  8. Well, I’m in good company because I am also on the C-list. Maybe we should start our own Blog Oscars?!

  9. I am C list male according to the algorithm’s analysis of my latest post. I think I’m going back to post “Mike Speaks”. and then maybe Reiki on the river and see what it says. I’ll be back later.

  10. The gender genie is full of baloney. Half the time it thinks I am male, half the time I am female. Once it decided I was female on the basis of a difference of 6 points in the score. I now have to go read that article to see about what it is that it bases its decision on.

  11. This is a nice little entry that talks about the Gender Genie and makes a distinction (which was lost on me until I read the post) about what the algorithm is trying to do. It is not trying to tell what your sex is. It is trying to determine whether your writing has feminine or masculine qualities.

  12. Ms.HMH – please tell us the results of ‘Mike Speaks’, that would be interesting!

  13. Apparently I’m a B-list, but I hope you realise that was entirely due to the links you’ve been sending me, Charlotte! Perhaps it’s because, as Mandarine suggests, they think I’m a bloke…

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