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Playdate Offensive, Part II


We are working on settling Lily into her new class at school. Most of the children have come to school in large groups from their old kindergartens and she has come with just two, neither of whom she is especially good friends with. It’s called Charlotte’s Playdate Offensive, and it’s where Lily invites little friends around and I get to be Really Fun Mummy.

So yesterday, we broke out of the mould, went really wild and had BOYS TO PLAY. Two dear little brothers were invited, one of whom is newly arrived in Daisy’s kindergarten class, and the other of whom is in Lily’s school year but not in her class. They live just around the corner and the boys’ mummy and I are secretly hoping, should all go well, that in the future Lily and Big Brother will be able to walk to school together.

Anyway, the concept of Boys To Play did not go down well. Daisy declared she did not like any boys, apart from her brother and her father, and would not play with them. Lily was more open-minded but still not sure if it could possibly work. Well, from the first minute on, we could tell it was going to be a resounding success.

We discovered that boys can draw, that girls like cars and that all children like going into a room, shutting the door, switching off the lights and SCREAMING REALLY LOUDLY. This game, while a trifle irritating, broke the ice in a big way and they kept rushing upstairs between drawing and playing cars to have some more Grueselzeit, as they called it. There was a long session of Broken Telephones, in which I kept fouling up the message because out of the whole group, my German was the worst. The children found it hilarious.

I told my husband about it later on the phone.

He: So what was this mummy like?

Me: She’s great. I really like her. We had loads to talk about.

He: So she’s not a nice lady, then.

Me: No, not at all.


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5 thoughts on “Playdate Offensive, Part II

  1. Glad you’ve found someone not nice to have play-dates with! And that the girls have discovered that boys can be human, before the hugely seperatist age of seven or eight puts paid to that again!

  2. Well done Charl. You are very brave. It must be such a pleasurable feeling when you pull something like that off, and find yourself enjoying it too!

  3. Wah, that sounded like fun! Until I read this post I had totally forgotten that my brother, cousins and I used to love that game of switching the lights off in the room and screaming loudly. We used to tell each other the most foolish ghost stories. I remember telling one which I thought was particularly classy, in which the frightened children traipse through a haunted house and find a ghostly lady lounging on a four-poster bed and she turns to the children and says: “Emotion!” NB I had no idea what “emotion” meant, I just thought it sounded particularly sophisticated.

  4. Thanks Emma and Kit – we are indeed on the frontline here of boy-girl friendships. Now that we know we all like being scared, it’s much easier! Helen, I like that: “Emotion” – how threatening and adult.

  5. The conversation with Tom made me smile–too cute!

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