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Oops, I Did It Again …


(This post is dedicated to Britney Spears, who has chucked her hideous husband, the self-proclaimed superstar and idiotically monikered K-Fed. May his star wane, and yours shine on, girlfriend.)

… I posted. That’s three times in one day. You can just tell my husband’s away, can’t you? So’s the Pomo, he’s gone off to his cave to beat his nasty little head against a wall. And no, I haven’t been drinking, but I may, just may, be on a bit of a chocolate high.

I’m loving the NaBloPoMo Randomizer – every day it takes me to new blogs where I have a nose around, hang about a bit, comment, or enjoy and move on. It struck me how many different kinds of blogs there are – some are mommy blogs, others are hot mama blogs, others are litblogs, still others are diary blogs or photoblogs. When I started blogging a few centuries ago in February, I didn’t know what kind of blog I wanted, just that I wanted one. I knew I didn’t want a genre blog, because, while I am a mommyblogger and a litblogger, and sometimes even a bit of a hot mama blogger, I didn’t want want to be cast in one mould. I wanted to be free to write about whatever struck my fancy that day, to be a hodgepodge and a web.

So of all my NaBloPoMo Randomizing thus far, here is my favourite find: Belgian Waffle. She is Irish, funny and living in Belgium with her husband and three small children. She has a great line in dialogue, as well as a brilliant blog name. Treat yourselves and have a read. Anyway, through Ms Waffle, I came across Don’t Mention the Skiing, a hilarious blog about learning to live in Switzerland. It’s subtitled “Heidi Would Have Been Proud of You”, and has recently won a Swiss Blogging Award. The great news is that Ms Heidi is shortly moving to Germany and has given her new blog the superlative name of Gin and Teutonic. I mean, how clever is that?

This got me thinking, if I had decided to give my “living in Germany” theme a stronger slant in my blog, what kind of Germanic name might I have chosen? Here are some possibilities:

  • Frankenfurtive
  • It’s All Sausage to Me
  • Small Beer
  • I Only Speak Station
  • BlogFest
  • Ich Bin Ein Bloginer
  • Shoes Off Please
  • Anyone Feel the Draught?
  • Ein Blog Bitte

Please feel free to make suggestions … and nominate your favourite. I’m tending towards “Ich Bin Ein Bloginer”, though “It’s All Sausage to Me” has a certain ring to it.


Author: charlotteotter

Novelist, feminist, crime writer

9 thoughts on “Oops, I Did It Again …

  1. “It’s All Sausage to Me” is definitely the best. Go on, change your blog name!

    When I started blogging, I didn’t want my blog to degenerate into a baby blog, and I didn’t think I’d mention writing at all. I thought I would be very serious and blog only about linguistics (snort!) I’m glad my “true personality” pushed through.

    Please send me some chocolate. I have to stay up late writing and my husband erred when he was at the shops by interpreting my: “No, don’t buy me cakes,” as “Helen doesn’t want cakes,” when I actually meant: “Buy me loads of cakes because if you buy them they won’t have calories.” Sigh….

  2. Helen, I’m also glad your personality pushed through – it’s been fun getting to know you. Funny how men misinterpret clear signals of needing cakes. My beloved does it all the time, but I want to see if after explicit blogging about chocolate, and mentioning my hopes of getting chocolate from France, if he will tune in. As for your chocolate – would I make that a Lindt?

    From The Sausage

  3. Oh C, I love ALL those names. you are just so creative.. there I was agonising over my blog name (if I ever actually do it) and came up with precisely zilch, or at least nothing so funny as all those. I may need to ask for a donation of ‘Shoes off please’ because that is me all over, after all… go on, Helen is right, get yourself a new name..

  4. Emma, it’s yours. I thought of all of these with your blog in mind. You get first choice. I’m still deciding if I can leave off being a spider, which is somehow more elegant and literary than being a sausage.

  5. “What’s the wurst that can happen?”


    “The best of times, the wurst of times”

    Ok, I’ll get me coat….

  6. Another one of my nicknames for Kiko is “the Sausage with Hair”. This poor boy is going to grow up with a complex…

  7. I like the ‘bloginer’ one too –

  8. Oooh, you are kind, thank you. Belated discovery of this post because I have no time to do anything except post this month – I’m beginning to feel that November may never end..

  9. Quite, Anne. It’s start to draaaaaaaaag a little, non?

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