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Nice Girl Food

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Mr Pomo is sulking because this is my second post of the day. A few of you have said you wouldn’t mind hearing what I had to eat, so I feel compelled to oblige. My dearly beloved is in Nice, forcefeeding the troops a three-course meal of gourmet French food in order to get them ready to shake up some HR directors tomorrow. Nicely, of course. In his absence, I enjoyed some girl food. This is the food you would never contemplate giving your husband for supper, things like, say, popcorn and apples, or Nutella sandwiches, or children’s leftovers. My menu for tonight is: organic vanilla yoghurt, green tea and some Lindt chocolate.

(Mr Pomo: Hah! SOME chocolate! She ate a whole bar.)

An email exchange with the dearly beloved:

He: Nice is nice

Me: Bring me something nice from Nice?

I am hoping it will be food, preferably of the dark variety. Something packed with those essential anti-oxidants to keep my strength up in these looming autumn days. And now, with my strength at its fittest and fullest, I bid you all Bon Soir.


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One thought on “Nice Girl Food

  1. That is my ideal meal! In fact, I’m sure we have those ingredients in the house…

    I would also like to add popcorn to that recipe, because that’s another one of my faves (and one the husband doesn’t view as an evening meal).

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