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Instant Prozac


(Mr Pomo: Humph.)

As the Literate Kitten has just mentioned, the onset of autumn in the northern hemisphere has brought the blues to the blogworld (and elsewhere no doubt). I, myselfly, have noticed the same. However, purely by accident, I found a recipe to cure the blues. It’s cheap, it’s cheerful and it’s better than Prozac:

  • Take your favourite DVD (my choice was the wonderful new JJ Cale and Eric Clapton collaboration, called something or other)
  • Select a dance partner (mine was my 18-month-old son – actually to “dans” was his idea)
  • Or, be alone
  • If you’re shy, at this point you should draw the curtains or close the blinds
  • If you don’t care, leave ’em open and give the neighbours something to talk about (we chose this option)
  • Dance wildly, singing along as loudly as you can and as tunelessly as you like

God, it was good! Ollie is feeling much less depressed.

Author: charlotteotter

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4 thoughts on “Instant Prozac

  1. This sounds good to me! This is a recipe that will most definitely need trying 🙂

    Hold on… I actually do this already. But only when nobody’s home and that isn’t very often these days. Bugger. Now I’m getting all nostalgic. Whatever happened to the days when I’d have the house to myself and could bop around in my nightie, pretending to be Madonna (did I really say that?)

  2. Abba is the best Prozac for me..or Grease.. luckily the children are young enough to think it’s fun and join in. A few years from now they’ll be groaning in embarrassment. I’d better make the most of it!

  3. Oh, I am a secret ABBA fan…you gotta admit, they have catchy tunes! (If people can’t dance, I recommend driving around in your car, singing at the top of your voice.) I like classical music, too, especially Chopin’s Etudes. Very calming. But you can’t dance to it.

  4. Dancing and singing off-key are fantastic treatments for mid-autumn blues! COLORS are great too–lots & lots of colors!

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