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Mr Pomo Speaks


(Mr Pomo: It’s working. I’m wearing her down. As each day of November passes, she finds it harder and harder to post anything of merit, without resorting to “what we ate”, “what we plan to eat” and “why are we all sneezing”. She’s claiming headaches, housework, anything to get out of trying to write a post. She’s evinced a curious interest in the laundry pile. Suddenly even the belated tax form is more interesting than blogging. She’s spending quality time with her children, cooking fabulous meals for husband, and all the while she’s sweating, worrying about what on earth she’s going to post about today. What normally flowed has now gone all stiff and stultified. Her high standards will be her downfall – heh-heh-heh – and I will be triumphant.)

OK you nasty little trout, tonight you win.


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Novelist, feminist, crime writer

9 thoughts on “Mr Pomo Speaks

  1. Mr Pomo seems to have taken on a life of his own. Perhaps a gag might help?

    Coincidentally, I’m feeling similarly about blogging everyday. Even the most mundane chore is suddenly more interesting and I just want to take a day off. I’m afraid that I might resort to blogging about my cat if it keeps up.

    Don’t pressure yourself and if you have any interesting photos of where you live, now might be a good time to show them off to the world 🙂 No-one ever said the posts had to contain words.

  2. Oh, I totally, utterly, completely caved. I REFUSE for blogging to become a chore, just refuse to do it. So I’m the first official casualty of mr. pomo and here I am, able to read other blogs and astoundingly, the world hasn’t ended!

  3. See what feeling forced to write gets you? Multiple personalities.

  4. Yeah! Poo to Mr Pomo!

    Actually, I’m quite interested in “what we ate” and “what we plan to eat”, that will probably be the topic of my next post… And I always find your blog to be of very high quality, no matter what you are writing about. That’s because you’re a good writer.

  5. … and you promised to tell us what you found under your bed. Go on, shock us.. delight us!

  6. Kerryn, I’m going to work on those photos. It’s about time Charlotte’s Web got a bit jpeggy. Courtney, I wish I was brave enough to admit it was a chore and just end it here and now. But there’s the stubborn gene, that won’t. Reed … hmmm, scary, no? And worse still, he’s starting to look like a Wookie. Thanks Helen, I may yet blog about supper, or what’s under my bed, as Emma has reminded me.

  7. I love reading about what people ate. I don’t understand why this is a bad forbidden topic. What we eat here is wonderful and tasty and I want to write about it so that people will be jealous and drool a little.

    Who the heck is Mr. Pomo anyway?

  8. I’ve already posted about my cat and what we ate, I’ll be resorting to posting about the rabbit and guinea pig next, then the geese, each dog in turn – might get through the month that way! I agree pics would be cool too.

  9. Bad Mr. Pomo. Bad, bad Mr. Pomo!

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