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Mr Pomo Got Me


(Mr Pomo: Heh-heh-heh.)

I am posting well after midnight CET, hoping that this still counts as a post for 6 November in the USA. I was laid flat by a hideous headache that also involved a lot of vomiting, so couldn’t go anywhere near the flickering lights of my computer. Even now, it hurts, but I’m determined to get this post in.

Today I did the bare minimum. This is what the bare minimum entails in my home:

  • Breakfast, dress three children
  • Prepare school snacks
  • Deliver senior child to school
  • Take two smaller children to doctor
  • Take middle child to kindergarten
  • Collect medicines from chemist
  • Return home, restore order
  • Start lunch
  • Put baby in pram to collect middle child from kindergarten
  • Stop at bakery and shop on the way for groceries
  • Wait for senior child to return, serve lunch
  • Tidy up after lunch
  • Supervise homework
  • Start whimpering as headache intensifies
  • Put on DVD in order to lie on sofa
  • Leap up from sofa now and then to visit toilet
  • Produce snack for children, consisting of well-balanced biscuits
  • Leave senior children downstairs, repair to upstairs with baby to lie on bed
  • Continue whimpering, vomiting
  • Write pathetic mails to husband begging him to come home
  • Repair to bed when husband returns home at 5.30pm

It was not fun, but it’s over and I live to post another day.


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14 thoughts on “Mr Pomo Got Me

  1. Ooh-ya, I hope your head is much better today. It sounds like it might have been a migraine. Yuck and double yuck, nasty, nasty. Please take care!

  2. Oy. Hope tomorrow is a better day.

  3. Hats of to you for coping with a headache like that and 3 children. I’m a wreck with just one when I feel under the weather and yet still have to keep the meal train etc going.

  4. How often we, the husbands, fail to realize the pains our better halves go through. The life at home is far more complex and challenging than the trivia we deal with at “the office.”

    Thanks for the reminder that, no matter how they feel, moms must always carry on.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  5. Hope you’re better now – bare minimum doesn’t really entail resting very much. Tell that Mr Pomo to stop harassing you…I’m seriously considering stocking up on a few short posts just in case I have that kind of a day, but I will never get round to it – too much else to do.

  6. Ohh, poor Charlotte. I am glad you are feeling better.

    (I must add, that I get occasional migraines, and if I was stuck at home with one and had three children to deal with and my husband did not drop everything and come home AT ONCE to look after me, I would probably divorce what was left of him after I went after him with a chair. You are very very noble indeed. Or possibly, not such a huge wimp about pain as I am).

  7. I wish I could say something besides: I’m terribly sorry you even had to get out of bed while suffering from a migraine–because it’s such a stupid remark. “Bare minimum” takes on an *entirely* different meaning for parents. *Hugs*

  8. Thanks, everyone, for the kind words. Am starting to feel like cheerful self again.

  9. *hugs Charlotte very carefully and gently*

    If you get migraines, as your GP about triptanes. Life transforming, if you ask me.

    A man’s work ends at set of sun
    A woman’s work is never done

  10. Oh, dear heavens, minimum for me is moving from the bed to the couch and fondling the remote. Must be something about this time of year — I detect a dipping trend among the bloggers. Take care of yourself!

  11. Oh you poor thing. I know the worst is over, but good heavens what a day you had. I often think a new word needs to be invented to describe the horror that is being sick but still having to carry on.

  12. Poor Charlotte!! How awful. You are a heroine of the first order to bravely look after young children in that state, but I’m very glad you emailed your husband to come home. It makes them feel good and manly to come to the rescue every so often and and allows them to indulge in utter frivolity every now and then without guilt.

  13. I’m glad you’re feeling better Charlotte. “Bare minimum” takes on mountainous proportions when you’re not feeling well, even when you don’t have children. Take care!

  14. ‘Twas grim! But I am well on the way to perky again. Thanks for all the kind words.

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