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My Bonsai Biography


I am so unoriginal, stealing memes from all over the show, instead of (a) writing insightful posts on German politics, (b) uploading YouTube videos to amuse and delight you or (c) inventing my own memey themes. Since I have to get into the habit of blogging daily FROM TOMORROW, I have no time to be original or inventive, so this is shamelessly lifted from Sharon of The Waterbutt. She is fast becoming the meme queen. Over at hers, you have to write your own biography in three points, each consisting of six words.

Just to allow myself a brief millisecond of feeling creative, I increased my mini-bio to six points and, for added spice, decided to write it using only words that begin with “b”.


My Bonsai Biography:

1. Bedazzled by British book-mad bike boy

2. Beat bachelor Bacchanalia by becoming bride

3. Bypassed banal bits, bytes by breeding

4. Breast-fed bouncy, beautiful babies blissfully, boastfully

5. Biologically blonde, bookish, buoyant, bossy, blithe

6. Bringing blogging bling; being barely bland


Author: charlotteotter

Novelist, feminist, crime writer

10 thoughts on “My Bonsai Biography

  1. Oh I love this! Too clever! But you know what, I had you down as a brunette!!

  2. I was going to say *exactly* the same thing! I imagined you with wavy brown hair.

    My favourite one is: “breast-fed bouncy, beautiful babies blissfully, boastfully” and my second favourite is :”bringing blogging bling; being barely bland”. This is so cool!

  3. Unoriginal? My a***. If I only had an ounce of your cleverness! You are now up there lights, along with that wonderful sketch by Heinz Erhard where he is caught inflagrante all in the letter ‘g’. It starts ‘Grüss Gott, gnädige Gisela..’ and ends ‘Grosser Gott! Gesäss getroffen!’ when the returning husband shoots him in the behind. I just love these word plays..

  4. ..sorry, just what does ‘bling’ mean?

  5. emma – you need to get out of the cube more. 🙂

  6. Nifty nuggets of navel gazing. No noo noos on you.

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  8. Maybe I’m “low-brow,” but count me among the legion of Meme fans–especially when it’s one of *yours*. Very clever! 🙂

  9. Blimey! Bloody brilliant!

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