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Ollie Makes a Call


I need to share some Ollie cuteness. I overheard him today on one of his toy telephones, having a conversation:

Haro. Daddy!

Ummm …. Daddy.

Ummm …. Daddy.


…… Daddy …. Daddy …. Daddy

Dye-Dye, Daddy.

This boy just loves his father.

He also loves things with wheels (“voom-vooms”), even bigger things with wheels (“tactors”) and monster things with wheels (“tucks”). He likes a “dink” from his “bup”, preferably accompanied by a “bis” or a slice of “kek”. He enjoys “befis”, “bupper” and his “barf”. When Mummy is drinking something in a mug, then it must be “boffee”. His sisters “Lala” and “Dezee” are his favourite playmates in the world, and he loves to “tuddle” them. Yesterday we were walking past the bakery, and he leaned out of his “pam” to tell me that’s where we buy “bed”.

The other day, I said to him, “Ollie, you are a star!”. He looked up at me and replied, “Tinkle, tinkle”.

He is adorable.


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8 thoughts on “Ollie Makes a Call

  1. Wah! I want to “tuddle” him! And don’t these little boys love their daddies! It is so funny and super cute.

    When my brother was little, he used to call me “Halan”, and our cousin Joanne was “Ssssshowanne” and (my favourite!) a guitar was a “giddy-a-tar”. My mum used to play us songs on the giddy-a-tar and he liked that.

  2. Well, I don’t have a baby talk story. They are so cute at that stage. I do have a precocious four year old story:

    The young lady in question had a new purse. She climbed up into her Grandfather’s lap to show him this marvel. He was appropriately impressed, they went through all the pockets. They finally reached a pocket that had probably 75 cents in coins in it, and he poured it out into his hand, and said to the little darling: “My goodness. Look at all this money you have!” She fixed him with a severe eye and said, “Pawpaw, that is not Money. That is Change.”

  3. Awwwww. I remember wondering when my son would ever stop saying ‘My’ for ‘I’. Example: Me: Who wants a biscuit? Son: My do! And then one day he must have stopped and I never noticed it… it just occurred to me later on that it didn’t happen any more. It’s lovely that you have a chance to record these moments for posterity.

  4. How very, very sweet. Dive him a tuddle for me.

  5. They love to hear these stories when they get older! I’m very sad I can’t remember the first words of any of my children — I was too sleep deprived. (So I tell them the first words I remember, which I figure is good enough.) My youngest used to call Winnie the Pooh “me-a-pooh” and we still do call him that. Your Ollie is such a sweetheart. (And I agree with Emily.)

  6. If ever I come out with a story of what one child used to call something, I am then called upon to remember what each of the others used to call that same thing too…I wish I’d kept a baby book for each of them, then I could have looked up the answer, instead of humming and hawing and making up a lame possible answer!
    BTW I’ve been reading posts about autumn in Europe and America and that has been making me feel nostalgic for crisp autumn leaves and frosty mornings…I’ll swap you a snippet of SA spring sand and water for a pinch of European autumn if you like, as long as it has golden leaves and bonfire smoke too!

  7. Just thought I’d leave you this link to my book blog. I’m feeling tentative about putting it out there properly yet – it’s still very much a work in progress and I’m trying out which Amazon links to include. Let me know what you think. Kit

  8. Soooo sweet! Children Ollie’s age are what keeps my hope for this world alive; they’re so unsullied and innocent, so perfectly untouched by the adult world. Thank you for sharing.

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