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Disney Fever and a Farewell


At the end of the week, we’re taking our small people off for a couple of days at Disneyland Paris, and excitement has already reached fever pitch. We’re counting sleeps, dreaming about princesses and hope, hope, hoping to find a Sleeping Beauty t-shirt or two to buy.

Daisy (4), after lunch yesterday, breathlessly: “Mummy, let’s go to Disneyland RIGHT NOW!”

Me: “But what about Daddy?” Daddy was mountain-biking.

D: “Oh, he’ll find us.”

There’ve been shivery conversations about princesses, their castles and their wonderful lives. However, there are apparently downsides to being a princess: having to have very good manners (not talk with your mouth full), being required to call your parents “Your Majesty”, having a lot of stairs to climb on the way to one’s bedroom in a tower, and having gloomy servants. Also not being able to go into town like normal people and buy things. This is very bad.

We are also nervous that Daddy might say something embarrassing – or rude – in front of the Queen of Hearts and have to have his head removed.

After Paris, we’re going to England for two weeks, so Charlotte’s Web will not be spinning again until mid-September. I bid you all adieu, and hope to return in possession of my sanity. My husband plans to return with his head.


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8 thoughts on “Disney Fever and a Farewell

  1. Charlotte, What a wonderful trip you’re going to have! I’ll look forward so much to hearing how it all went. Happy travels, BL

  2. Solong, farewell! Happy Princess-hunting!

  3. Enjoy your trip in fairy princess land… personally, I like the mickey mouse ears. Yes, I do own some – they even have my name on the back! p.s. we prefer your husband with his head attached.

  4. Have a wonderful time, and a very happy ending!

  5. Drat! Just when I get online you disappear off line 😦

    Have a wonderful time, and hurry on back.


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  7. Farewell, Your Majesty : ) I anticipate your return, accompanied by man plus cranium…

  8. *sits patiently on the metaphorical doorstep, awaiting the travellers’ return*

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