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Me and Movies


So Emily over at Telecommuter Talk has just invented the One Movie Meme, allowing me to indulge in more navel-gazing. I do love a movie, whether it’s the full cinematic experience with popcorn (salty not sweet) or a DVD in the comfort of my sitting-room. If I was rich, I’d have a screening-room in my own home, so I could combine the two, and leave out the uncomfortable seats, the queuing, and other people’s chitchat.

1) The first movie you remember seeing on the big screen:

Lassie – and I cried, and I cried, and I cried, until my mother had to take me outside to calm down.

2) Movie from which you can quote multiple lines in your sleep:

Withnail and I. The signature film of my student days: “I must have some booze! I demand to have some booze.”, “We want the finest wines available to humanity. We want them here and we want them now.”, “I want to eat something’s flesh.”, “We’re not from London. We’ve gone on holiday by mistake.”

3) Director (dead or alive) that you’d most want to have dinner with:

Richard E. Grant, star of the above masterpiece, who’s just directed the film of his memoirs. I think he would be good value, we have the African expat thing in common and are graduates of the same university. Plus we could speak Afrikaans.

4) Movie that should have won an Oscar but didn’t:

Well Ralph Fiennes evidently believed The Constant Gardener deserved Best Film this year – he was practically crying by the end of the ceremony, bless him. I’d say Before Sunset: a stunning script and a marvellous performance from Julie Delpy.

5) Movie that didn’t disappoint despite being the adaptation of a book:

A Passage to India. Loved the book. Loved the film.

6) Movie you were dragged to by someone else expecting to hate, but which you loved:

I’m usually doing the dragging. So, to turn it around, I was expecting to love Brokeback Mountain, but was underwhelmed, possibly since I was watching it on a minute aeroplane screen. I suspect it’s a big screen film.

7) Movie that scares the crap out of you no matter how many times you see it:

Psycho! I don’t do scary, but I had to watch it last year when I was writing an article on Janet Leigh. I saw it on DVD, at 10 in the morning, with the sound turned really low, and was petrified. Her vulnerability, nakedness, the screeching violins, the montage of high-speed stabbing shots all combine to make a truly terrifying filmic moment.

8) The movie that makes you bawl no matter how many times you see it:

Love, Actually. I am such a sucker for sentimentality! I watch it about twice a year, when my husband’s out of town, with chocolate and tissues at hand. I adore that scene when the guy admits to his best friend’s wife that he is hopelessly in love with her. He can’t face telling her, so he knocks on the door, switches on a cassette player with Christmas carols and shows her a series of boards with his declaration of love written on them. I love Colin Firth’s proposal of marriage in broken Portuguese. I love Christmas. I love family. I cry at airports watching people meet up. I love love. Actually.

9) The movie that still has you rolling on the floor with laughter no matter how many times you’ve seen it:

This is a tie between Something About Mary and A Fish Called Wanda. You’ll peg me for a weirdo, but there’s something about the sick humour/animals combination that triggers hysteria in me. I even love those crappy TV programmes where people send in videos of being knocked over by pigs or their pet cats going magoo and climbing the curtains. I just find animals hilarious, which is why this site cracks me up.

And so, having revealed how superficial I am, I bid you adieu. In the words of my favourite director/actor/international superstar: “I think we’ve been in here too long. I feel unusual. I think we should go outside.”


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9 thoughts on “Me and Movies

  1. Oh Withnail and I a big part of my (early) student days too. I well remember my one flatmate and I discussing how at least we had never gone so far as to drink lighter fluid- but that if we had she would be the first to succumb. And I believe she would have as she drank my vile cooking sherry and once our other very religious Jewish flatmates special Sabbath wine- which I’m afraid still makes me laugh even though I now quite see it was very inconsiderate and that alcohol should be used in moderation etc etc.

  2. Waiting for your movie meme, Ms Make Tea …

  3. You and I seem to share exactly the same sort of weird sense of humor. I thought about saying A FISH CALLED WANDA, too, but it really wouldn’t have been fair for me to have a four-way tie. And I cry in airports watching people greet each other, too. As a matter of fact, it was really, really difficult for me not to have a million-way tie on the bawling question.

  4. Precisely. I have been known to cry during commercials.

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  6. Did you see Wah Wah already? It is a great film, very warmhearted and well acted. Recommended !

  7. No I’m dying to see it. Will have to add it to my Amazon rental list.

  8. I have to put my hand up to weeping buckets at Love, Actually as well. I adore that film, and all those bits you mention.

  9. I cry from start to finish in Love Actually. Start to Finish.

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