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About a Boy

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Two years ago, our family was complete. We had two beautiful daughters, we were settling back down in Germany, I had started to freelance and earn money again, and our lives seemed very neat and ordered. On holiday in South Africa, I visited a psychic who said to me, “You have three children” and I said “No, only two” and she said “Well I’m seeing three”. At that moment, I was one day pregnant.

And now we have our boy. He turned 16 months old on the 27th of July. One day when he asks, this will be the birth story I will tell him:

I woke up with birth pains early on Easter Sunday and we phoned our lovely midwife Monica. She arrived with her team-mate: one midwife for Mummy, one for baby. I got in the bath, read my book and drank tea. I wanted to be left alone to dream about you. I was excited because I knew that soon I would be meeting you for the first time. At one point, Daisy came into the bathroom, took her clothes off and had a bath with me. Then she went back downstairs to eat some more Easter eggs. Monica checked on me every twenty minutes or so, and so did Daddy, but I still wanted to be alone. Eventually, after about five hours, Monica said it was time for me to get out of the bath and walk around. Granny Toni took Lily and Daisy out for a bike ride. I walked around the top floor of the house, with Daddy helping me, then I went into my bedroom and you were born. You were very small and very purple – Monica said this was because you were delivered at turbo speed – and Daddy and I loved you straight away with all our hearts. Lily, Daisy and Granny Toni came upstairs one minute after you born to say hello. We all cried with happiness. After having a lovely bath together and a feed, we both went to sleep in the big bed. After a few hours, I woke up and lay there watching you sleep, thinking ‘Welcome, my little boy’.

To this day Ollie is happy, uncomplicated and does everything at turbo pace. Of all my family, he is my most constant companion. We are always together: at home, at the shops, at the playground, at the pool, at friends’ houses. He is easy-going, friendly, funny, cuddly, talkative, active and sparkly. I couldn’t ask for better company from someone so small.

Often, people would ask me ‘what’s it like having a boy?’ and I would say ‘I only notice a difference when I change his nappy’. Developmentally, I’ve noticed no difference between him and his sisters: all three walked at 13 months and started talking at around that time too. All three are good eaters, all three were bad sleepers until they weaned. Ollie loves his cars and trains more than his sisters did, but he will also pick up a doll and carry it around, and he loves to get a laugh by flinging his sisters’ clothes on his head.

He is a dare-devil, but then so is Daisy. He will sit still to listen to a story, but won’t sit still for television. He likes climbing and emptying. He loves a good bin. He likes to dance. His favourite place is outside. He loves his family with passion. And we love him. He is our boy.


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  1. That really is a wonderful word-picture of your son and your relationship with him. It makes me positively broody!


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