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I am Married to Lance Armstrong


Or at least his skinny second cousin. Seriously, my dear husband has gone from being a Sunday morning cyclist to a fanatic in a few short months. Our kitchen is filled with biking vitamins, special powders to mix into drinks for before riding, with other ones for afterwards. Biking equipment fights my baking equipment for space on the shelves. I’ve lost count of the number of bikes we own, and recently he replaced his usual shoes with silver ones that have special go-faster stripes.

Apart from the cycling, which takes up some time, there is also fitness that needs to happen. There are exercise balls, weights, yoga mats and skipping ropes. There are fitness DVDs – CycloZen, for instance, which combines fitness for cycling with the principles of yoga. There are Lance Armstrong biographies in the bathroom. There are helmets, heart rate monitors and special watches that tell him when he has burned enough calories to eat seven pizzas. There is the small matter of my razor which is now also being used to shave HIS legs.

Apart from noting that he is 37 – we won’t take that any further, won’t even whisper ‘crisis? what crisis?’ – I can now reveal why all this is happening in our home. Tomorrow he leaves for Italy to ride in the Giro delle Dolomiti, a six-day race that encompasses 700 kilometres, daily climbs of over 2000 metres and about 27 enormous Tirolean mountains. Good luck, bikeboy. Please come home safely.

Then in September he and some other blogging bikers are going to ride up Mont Ventoux in aid of the charity War Child. Given what’s happening in Lebanon, this seems a very appropriate cause to be supporting. If anyone would like to donate, or even have a look at what they are doing, click here. He talks more about it on his blog.

Given that he is a busy solutions architect (how’s that for a job title), father of three and PhD student, not mention husband to a high maintenance princess, it is admirable that Thomas is finding the energy let alone the time to undertake these rides.


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